Scenic view of trees at camp

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Here Am I: Send Me

by Valerie Morby


How the Springs Assembled its Inaugural Summer Team You can’t open a summer camp without a few invaluable ingredients. A large enough property, for one. The buildings that will feed, house, and entertain your campers, for another. But most importantly—especially if your constant refrain is “Our Staff Is Our Program”—you need the counselors, health assistants, […]

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2022 Top 10 Schools Revealed

by Jessica Anthony


It was a record-breaking summer for Pine Cove — from the number of campers (46,000!), to the actual number of camps (four family camps, eight youth camps, and 11 City teams!), and even down to the number of staff hired (2,100!), we have been in awe of how God has moved in mighty ways this […]

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Echoes of Grace

by Sarah Jane Souther


Kelsey was unsure of what to expect as she prepared to meet her Amplify campers in the summer of 2015. Two weeks with a cabin full of thirteen to fourteen year old girls was going to be a high-energy adventure. But she never could have anticipated the work of grace that God would do through […]

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Rally Week: A View of the Kingdom of Heaven

by Valerie Morby

Summer staff give high fives to kids arriving on a bus

After a long summer spent pouring themselves out for the sake of the Gospel, approximately 150 Pine Cove staffers won’t go home to catch up on movies, do mountains of laundry, or start preparing to return to school. They’ll stay at camp for an extra week to keep on pouring.  On August 7th, those 150 […]

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A Sticky Note Prayer

by Jenny Sowers Rutland


“It was so clear that God was implementing every single detail and answering every little prayer,” Mallory recalls as she tells her story of seeing God’s faithfulness at camp. “And during weeks one through nine, there were times of doubt, but I was still in continual prayer without even realizing it. All throughout those nine […]

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Training and Orientation Recap 2022

by Valerie Morby


Summer 2022 is finally here! Soon we’ll be opening the gates of camp to our first groups of kids and families, plus welcoming tons of day campers to churches all across the Southeast. First, though, we’ve got to get our summer staff trained! Last week more than 1,000 college students arrived at Pine Cove camps […]

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From Campers to Staffers to Roommates

by Michaela Drewry


When Christen Sharpe first arrived at Pine Cove to drop off her 12-year-old daughter, Ellis, at the Ranch in 2013, she was apprehensive and filled with anxiety for her daughter, convinced Ellis was going to be lonely. “Ellis had friends in her cabin the last two years at the Towers, Pine Cove’s elementary-age camp, but […]

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Wrangling For Jesus

by Katelyn Sullins

Camper petting horse with wrangler

Their alarm clocks often buzz at 4 am, there’s more dirt under their fingernails than you’d find in a sandbox, and their jeans may or may not be stuck on because of the 100-degree heat, but you’ll rarely find one without a big smile on their face. They’re the Pine Cove wranglers, and they really […]

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2022 Winter Staff Trips

by Jessica Anthony


One thing we hope you’ll never tire of hearing is that here at Pine Cove, “our staff is our program!” Our relational recruiting model has changed not only the way we look for and hire those staffers, but also how we interact with them the other forty weeks of the year.  One of those ways […]

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Auburn Tailgate

by Libby Pittman


And that’s a wrap on tailgate season! Last weekend we had staffers from Georgia, UT Knoxville, ETSU, Clemson, Samford, Ole Miss, USC, and more come out to Auburn for the fun! Staffers enjoyed local barbeque, free t-shirts (who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?), and, of course, fellowship with one another! We’re so sad that 2021 […]

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