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All Things for Good: Ayden and Lauren’s Story

by Lizzie Klein


In October 2015, Ayden “Trips” Drake prayed over a verse, Romans 8:28: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” That month, her mother had passed away from a condition called cystic fibrosis. Through the pain and confusion, Ayden […]

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Burdened For Their Brothers

by Valerie Morby


Caroline and Ashlen had a lot in common. They both were college students—Caroline (or “Chip,” as she’s known at Pine Cove) at the University of Texas, and Ashlen (aka “T-Feels”) at Ole Miss—who had been serving for several summers at the Pine Cove Timbers. Both were thriving in their roles, seeking after the Lord, and […]

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Even Bigger Than We Could Have Imagined

by Kelsey Kaigler


“I can’t get over what a miracle it is watching You transform hearts right in front of me. I don’t deserve it. May I never forget it.” Silverado counselor Emma Cate “Pink Princess” Williams wrote those words in her journal after her hangtime with Madison Maddux, a fifth grader from Waco, Texas. And she couldn’t […]

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New 2023 Camp Names We Love!

by Karissa Pitaniello


“NAME GAME, gimme that name, I want that name!” That’s the sound of a camp cheer we’ve been hearing all around camp for the past few weeks as new staffers were receiving their camp names! Each staffer since 1967 has received their own unique name. These names are always seriously fun, but also a great […]

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2023 Staff Orientation Recap

by Pine Cove


Orientation week happens each summer so that staffers can get to know each other and the Pine Cove Way! There’s always sure to be some serious fun happening at camp, especially when our summer staffers are building friendship as they prepare for a summer of service. Enjoy this glimpse into orientation week this year! Things […]

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Training Week 2023

by Pine Cove


Camp is almost here, which means staffers are all over Pine Cove property! Summer staffers with specialized positions come early to camp to learn role-specific skills. We call this training week! Also happening during training week: trailblazing! Staffers have been working hard preparing each camp for campers to enjoy. Enjoy these glimpses into all the […]

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The Graduates: High School Seniors at Pine Cove

by Jenny Lay


At the end of each spring, as Pine Cove ramps up in preparation for another summer of Christ-centered, others-focused, seriously fun ministry, there is a special group of people who are closing out one chapter of their lives and ramping up for some of their own adventures: high school seniors. And while these seniors have […]

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Here Am I: Send Me

by Valerie Morby


How the Springs Assembled its Inaugural Summer Team You can’t open a summer camp without a few invaluable ingredients. A large enough property, for one. The buildings that will feed, house, and entertain your campers, for another. But most importantly—especially if your constant refrain is “Our Staff Is Our Program”—you need the counselors, health assistants, […]

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2022 Top 10 Schools Revealed

by Jessica Anthony


It was a record-breaking summer for Pine Cove — from the number of campers (46,000!), to the actual number of camps (four family camps, eight youth camps, and 11 City teams!), and even down to the number of staff hired (2,100!), we have been in awe of how God has moved in mighty ways this […]

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Echoes of Grace

by Sarah Jane Souther


Kelsey was unsure of what to expect as she prepared to meet her Amplify campers in the summer of 2015. Two weeks with a cabin full of thirteen to fourteen year old girls was going to be a high-energy adventure. But she never could have anticipated the work of grace that God would do through […]

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