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Looking Ahead – Podcast Season 1, Episode 12

by Jesse GarnerPosted May 15, 2020

episode 12

“So you just experienced this awesome week of camp. Now what?”

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Cue the Entrance Music – Podcast Season 1, Episode 11

by Jesse GarnerPosted May 12, 2020

episode 11

Using music to signal something is about to begin happens a lot, but for Pine Cove, our staff is the best way we signal something good is about to begin. In this episode, we look at how our staff is our program. We try to make sure everyone who comes to Pine Cove feels cared […]

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Success and Failure – Podcast Season 1, Episode 10

by Jesse GarnerPosted May 8, 2020

blog header

“Failing forward” is a way to focus on viewing our failures as steps toward success in our futures.

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So There’s This Guy – Podcast Season 1, Episode 9

by Jesse GarnerPosted May 5, 2020

so there

It’s the typical story: boy meets girl, girl meets boy, and they fall in love… well not always, but camp crushes CAN lead to happily-ever-afters.

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Behind the Scenes – Podcast Season 1, Episode 8

by Jesse GarnerPosted May 1, 2020

behind the scenes

Our hosts are BACK and King A La Carte is history! Today we’re pulling back the curtain and shining a light on some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of camp. Craig explains the importance of the phrase “It’s not about me,” and a former summer staffer tells us the story of how the dish room at […]

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Bad Guys Take Over the Podcast – Podcast Season 1, Episode 7

by Jesse GarnerPosted Apr 28, 2020

bad guy takeover

Things get a little strange today on the podcast. We didn’t think it could happen to us, but the bad guys of Evil Inc. showed up, and well… Not subscribed yet? That’s a bummer. Fix that by subscribing on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or search for us in your favorite podcast player. Episode Sponsors […]

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Encouragement Wednesday – Podcast Season 1, Episode 6

by Jesse GarnerPosted Apr 24, 2020

shores dock

We don’t just encourage on Wednesday, we actually encourage every day, all the time! And that’s what this whole episode is about. How to encourage, how to be encouraged, and we hope that it encourages YOU! Not subscribed yet? That’s a bummer. Fix that by subscribing on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or search for […]

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Bump the Lamp – Podcast Season 1, Episode 5

by Jesse GarnerPosted Apr 21, 2020

bump the lamp header

In this episode, we are gonna take it to the next level as we learn why we “Bump the Lamp” at Pine Cove.

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Do You Remember – Podcast Season 1, Episode 4

by Jesse GarnerPosted Apr 17, 2020

throwback picture

This episode is all about throwbacks!

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Others-Focused – Podcast Season 1, Episode 3

by Jesse GarnerPosted Apr 13, 2020

podcast header

Being others-focused is all about being focused outward and not on ourselves. We do this intentionally through everything from how we welcome staff to the Pine Cove team to how we model for our campers loving others the way they want to be loved.

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