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Georgia On Our Mind – Podcast Season 2, Episode 12

by Pine CovePosted May 13, 2021


It’s our season finale, and we’ve got BIG news from our President and CEO Reed “S.I.” Livesay about our Pine Cove Next strategy. (Hint: our episode title is a clue…) Our Gamemaster joins us for one last Name Game Game and one of our hosts takes their first spin around the Wheel of Consequences. And […]

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We’re Taking Calls Now – Podcast Season 2, Episode 11

by Pine CovePosted May 11, 2021


Jacki “Winnie” Rodriguez is back taking your calls and telling us about her most hilarious Pine Cove phone calls! Pikapoo and Rents play a game of 100K pine cone pyramid—who will win this “crunchy miracle” of a prize? And who will have to sing a jingle for our last conversation with Dutch and Dutchess for […]

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Marriage Advice from Mr. Moose – Podcast Season 2, Episode 10

by Pine CovePosted May 6, 2021


Mr. Moose is a longstanding tradition from Pine Cove’s original camp, the Woods. He is an “amoosing” friend with great advice for campers, parents, and our staff! Today we’re learning all about the history of Mr. Moose, plus getting some wisdom from Dutch and Dutchess on how to fight for intimacy. Also, ESPN joins us […]

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I’m Alright, Don’t You Worry About Me – Podcast Season 2, Episode 9

by Pine CovePosted May 3, 2021


We’ve got a fun guest host for this episode, and we are feeling ALRIGHT about it! Dutch and Dutchess join us  again to talk about how important it is to “Run to the problem not from the problem.” And we’ve got a great camper story that will be incredibly encouraging. Not subscribed yet? That’s a […]

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Skit Character Take Over – Podcast Season 2, Episode 8

by Pine CovePosted Apr 30, 2021

Season 2, Episode 8

King a la Carte is back to make amends with Pine Cove after last year’s unfortunate takeover. Well… things don’t go quite as smoothly as he planned when his greatest nemesis Combo shows up at the studio—and we need your help to settle the score! Not subscribed yet? That’s a bummer. Fix that by subscribing […]

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That’s Right, Right? – Podcast Season 2, Episode 7

Posted Apr 28, 2021


Even when no one is there to see, “Doing the right thing is always the right thing!” This is another important lesson from working at camp, and it impacts everyone’s lives. You guys have been great listeners, and we’ve got a new segment for you: PC Q&A! We want to answer ALL your questions. Listen […]

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Early in the Morning – Podcast Season 2, Episode 6

by Pine CovePosted Apr 26, 2021

Season 2, Episode 6

Waking up early isn’t easy, but our wranglers are committed to rising in the mornings. We learn in this episode that caring for horses in our Global Horsemanship program is about so much more than cleaning stables, brushing horses, and helping riders. Lessons of empathy, humility, connection, and our dependence on God are all met […]

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Prepare Your Heart – Podcast Season 2, Episode 5

by Pine CovePosted Apr 21, 2021

Season 2, Episode 5

We value being others-focused, and our phrase “Prepare Your Heart” is a great example of how we honor one another in moments of conflict, concern, and communication. This episode is all about honoring one another, how God prepares us for purpose even if it doesn’t feel like something good may happen. Plus, we’ve got some […]

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You Get Camp and You Get Camp and You Get Camp – Podcast Season 2, Episode 4

by Pine CovePosted Apr 19, 2021

Season 2, Episode 4

We sit down with Pine Cove’s former president and CEO, who was instrumental in the founding of our scholarship fund, to learn all about how Project 319 helps make it possible for so many kids to be able to come to camp! Plus our Game Master is back with a seriously fun camp name game, […]

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Salvation Perspiration – Podcast Season 2, Episode 3

by Pine CovePosted Apr 14, 2021

Season 2, Episode 3

God working to transform the lives of people and sweating all summer long reminds us of one of our favorite cheers: “Salvation Perspiration! Salvation Perspiration!” This episode is all about life transformation, a few sweaty moments for our hosts in the “bet your co-worker” game, and an encouraging story from Amplify, the two-week program at […]

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