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6 Things To Know About Theme Nights

by Valerie Morby

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One of our favorite parts of camp: theme nights! Each night at camp, everyone gathers to play a fun game, go on a scavenger hunt, or dance the night away. It usually involves costumes, and it ALWAYS involves fun! Check out the top six things you need to know about Pine Cove theme nights.

1. Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!

We love any excuse to pull out our favorite costumes and get ALL dressed up in a theme! Whether that’s our Superman cape for a superhero theme night, a loud Hawaiian shirt for a luau, or our best leprechaun outfit for a holiday theme, we are ready for whatever fun there is in store! Some people go ALL OUT with their theme night costumes. Others will throw on a Batman t-shirt and call it a night! Whatever your camper is comfortable with will be perfect. (Check out more about how to prepare for theme nights.)

2. Build Cabin Unity

Each “cabin” of 7-8 campers spend a lot of time together throughout their week at camp. From activities to meals to brushing their teeth, they do it all together! This group gets pretty tight, and theme nights are an awesome chance for them to play games, dance, or just let loose together! These fun shared evening activities are a great chance for campers and their counselor to bond with each other and continue building friendships and unity and bring them even closer together. 


3. Expect the Unexpected 

THERE’S A GIANT TURQUOISE HIPPO BEHIND YOU! Bet you didn’t expect that—and your camper won’t know what to expect at their theme nights either! We love surprises (GOOD surprises), and theme nights are a really fun way for us to surprise our campers. It might be “saving” camp from the bad guy, seeing your favorite counselor lead the entire camp in a new dance, or bringing out a snow cone truck so everyone can get a treat. Whatever the night holds, you can bet your camper will have a blast!

4. Break Down Walls 

Our counselors spend their week with your kids trying to get to know them, build trust, and break down any walls standing in their way. Their prayer is that they can show the love of Jesus in a real and authentic way—a way that your child specifically will relate to and respond to. Theme nights are one of the coolest ways we get to break down some of those walls! Solving problems together at game nights, being silly together at dance nights, or having a blast together at swim nights all contribute to breaking down those walls and helping counselors get to know their campers better.


5. Camp Tradition

Pine Cove has a lot of fun traditions that date back to our earliest days, and theme nights are one of them! A few favorites, like camo night, happen every summer because campers just love them so much. Some other memorable theme nights from years past include “Dragon Tails and Fairy Tales,” “Super Ninten-Dance,” and “Wacky Tacky Tourists.” The themes may change sometimes, but one thing can be counted on: theme nights are seriously fun!

6. Seriously Fun

Hope we didn’t spoil this one up there in number two! But the rumors are true: theme nights are seriously fun! Whether your camper is going into the second grade or the twelfth, we’re all about finding what will be the MOST fun for their age group. That could mean dances, all-camp games, dress-up nights, or just an evening hanging out at the pool! Whatever your child’s camp has in store, you can count on them having a seriously fun night!

What theme nights does your camp have in store for this coming summer? Stay tuned for the big reveal…


Posted Sep 11, 2020

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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