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A Brand-New Way to Live

by Craig Langemeier


The four Gospels tell us amazing stories of how Jesus lived. The miraculous stories of provision of healing and food. The deeply moving stories of caring for the hurting and the outcast. The ushering in of an entirely different view of how to live out and think about things. He patiently taught and trained those who had no clue what a life with God really could and should look like. Almost everything that the religious people of the day did Jesus turned upside down and displayed an entirely different way… God’s way… of how to live a life devoted to God.

The culmination of this brand-new way to live a life devoted to God—a life empowered by God—came at the end of each of the Gospels. All hope appeared to be lost. The greatest religious leader of all time was publicly killed. His followers were confused and in despair. Depressed and isolated.

Then came the very first Easter! Jesus rose from the dead. He conquered death so we could have life. All the ways that He displayed what a devoted life to God could look like are all available to each of us because He rescued us. Died for us. And then sent the Holy Spirit to be our counselor and guide. The very life of God is now alive in us. Thank you, Jesus! He made a way where there was no way!

As we celebrate the greatest of all Christian holidays may we be reminded in a fresh new way: we now have, and can, live the abundant life God intended. Praise God. May He complete in us what He started.

He is Risen… He is risen indeed,

Posted Apr 13, 2022

Craig Langemeier

Chief Ministry Officer

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