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Activity Classes You Can Do at Home

by Caroline Reyes

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We’ve compiled a list of our favorite camp games and activities that need little to NO supplies! Some have written instructions, some have video instructions, and some have both. At camp, we always open our activity classes in prayer. Before each class, you can pray for safety, fun and for God to reveal something about Himself through the activity.  

Pro-Tip: One of our favorite things to do is to look at each activity and see if any of the principles we used or learned can apply to our understanding of the Gospel. After each class, ask your family if they can find how the game you just played relates back to a spiritual truth!


Create your own skit and perform it during lunch!


  • Great ideas! 
  • At least two people


  • Come up with a plot 
  • Assign roles
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Choose costumes
  • Make some props (if needed)
  • Get ready to perform during lunch!


Just roll up a few pairs of socks to use as your “dodgeballs” and have the best activity class ever!

Watermelon Game

The goal of the game is to pass the watermelon around the circle without getting any strikes. This game is a blast and you even need a watermelon to play! Watch the video below from our Men’s Director, “Squawks” over at the Outback.


  • At least three people


Let our Ridge team show you how to play an awesome game of Demis! This outdoor basketball game is such a blast – just watch the video below for instructions. If you don’t have a basketball or basketball goal at home, no worries! At the end of the video, our instructors will show you how this game can be played with alternate supplies.


  • At least two players
  • Basketball 
  • Basketball Goal


The object of the game is to be the last person with an arm or leg left at the end of the rounds. You will be trying to get other people out by tapping their arms in the positions they land in. Once an opponent hits your arm then that arm is “out.” You must put that arm behind your back. The last person who has an arm left wins. Click the video below to watch our staff explain and play a round!

Nerf Wars

It’s time for a Nerf War! Follow along in the video below as one of our Silverado staffers shows us how to have a nerf activity class at home.

Block Stacking

This is a family camp classic that is so fun and easy to play at home!


  • Building blocks, dominoes, dice, Jenga blocks, or really anything you have around the house that can be stacked up on top of each other!
  • You need an even amount of players. This game can be played with only two people, but the more players the better AND the more fun it will be!


  • Split up into two teams (maybe boys vs. girls or oldest vs. youngest) just be sure to keep the numbers even on both teams!
  • Use a stable surface to stack your blocks and make sure each team stands on opposite sides – away from each other but with equal distance to the blocks
  • Rock, paper, scissors to determine who will stack the first block and begin! (Or ladies first because chivalry is not dead! So true!)
  • Once the first block is placed, the other team will then place their block on top and you will continue to block-stack, back and forth, from one team member to the next. Be sure to have your teams stand in a line so that each team member gets a turn.
  • The point of the game is to add blocks one-by-one without the tower of blocks falling over. Therefore, if your team member was the last person to place his/her block on the tower and it falls, your team loses.
  • No shaking, stomping, touching the surface that the blocks are being stacked on or any kind of interference is allowed – this is to ensure a fair game is being played by both teams.
  • Pro tip: this game is a lot more fun if you have fun music playing in the background!

Look Up, Look Down

This fun and easy game can be played with no supplies at all! Just grab a few family members and play this hilarious game that will have you screaming with laughter… seriously!

The Poisonous Frog Game

A poisonous frog is on the loose! In this game, somebody is a poisonous frog who causes everyone who they stick their tongue out at to fall asleep. The poisonous frog’s identity is hidden, so a detective must be chosen to find the frog amidst the rest of the people in the circle before everyone falls asleep! If the detective finds the poisonous frog before it’s too late, the poisonous frog becomes the detective and the detective tells the town to fall asleep so he/she can choose the next poisonous frog (but the detective cannot reveal the frog’s identity).


  • Have the counselor (or parent or older sibling) get everyone in the cabin (or house) to “fall asleep” so he/she can select one camper in the cabin to be the poisonous frog and another to be the detective.
  • Form a circle with your cabin and have everyone sit down while the detective stands in the middle.
  • Once the game begins, the detective stays in the middle and watches everyone while the poisonous frog sticks their tongue out at other cabin members to make them fall asleep.
  • If everyone in the cabin falls asleep, the poisonous frog wins! If the detective finds the frog, the town/cabin is saved!
  • After the round is over, the poisonous frog becomes the detective, and the town falls asleep again so the detective can select the next poisonous frog.

Sock Basketball

Follow along with staffer “Todo” as he teaches you how to play an epic game of sock basketball!

Arts and Crafts

Follow along as staffer “Splat” gives you some super fun ideas for at home arts and crafts.

Posted Apr 20, 2020

Caroline Reyes

Alumni and Marketing Coordinator

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