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Advent Resources from Dutch

by Craig Langemeier


I love Christmas.  All the holidays are fun to celebrate, but I really get excited about Christmas. I love the lights and decorations, the music, the time with family, and fires in the fireplace (even if you have to turn down the air conditioning just to make it feel like you need a fire). But beyond all of those things, I love that Christmas is a meaningful holiday with a huge purpose. It’s definitely worth celebrating!

We call the days and weeks leading up to Christmas the “Advent season.” Some churches will celebrate Advent on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, and some people mark Advent during every day of December. However you decide to celebrate, we have an amazing opportunity to help our families focus on Christ. It is a season that can be filled with anticipation and preparation.

I would love to help your family in preparing to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Since December is around the corner, and I’m sure your calendar is already filling up, I want to connect you and your family with a few recommended resources we have found.

25-day Advent Devotional from The Austin Stone, available online daily, kicks off December 1st.

The Jesus Storybook Bible– $11 on Amazon; one of our favorite resources in general, not just at Christmas! But this is a great way to read through the Bible, especially with young kids, to help the whole family understand how every story in the Old and New Testament points to Jesus. (You can also download this free Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Guide from the author)

No matter how your family decides to celebrate Christmas, I pray that you will have a meaningful season as you prepare your hearts to celebrate our Savior’s birth.

Posted Nov 17, 2021

Craig Langemeier

Chief Ministry Officer

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