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Author: Kathryn Shoaf

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Kathryn Shoaf

Summer Media Intern

Kathryn is a summer media intern at Pine Cove. She graduated from Piedmont International University in May 2017 with a degree in Elementary Education. She enjoys photography, traveling, and hiking with her family. Working at Pine Cove allows her to use her talents and skills for Christ's eternal purpose.

A Counselor’s Story

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Jul 5, 2018


It looked like something you would see in the movies. During his second week as a Camp in the City counselor last summer, Sam “The Kool-aid Slamma Jamma” Sierra stood in the backyard of his host family’s house holding a mason jar. “In New Mexico, there is no such thing as fireflies or lightning bugs,” […]

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Birthday Celebrations at Pine Cove

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Apr 16, 2018


“Aaaaaaah! You’re never going to believe what just happened!” Startled by yelling voices, you look up to see two strange characters on stage in ridiculous outfits. Several people around you stand to their feet and shout, “What happened?” While using one hand to keep obnoxious wigs on their heads and the other hand to hold […]

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The 40 Date Challenge

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Feb 13, 2018


In the busyness of life, the relationship between a husband and wife can become strained.  As they strive to provide for their children, volunteer at church, and pursue a career, meaningful conversation is sometimes neglected.  Jonathan and Mali Eaton, campers at the Bluffs family camp, realized that their dating relationship dissolved once they were married. […]

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Camp in the City Host Homes

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Jan 29, 2018


Before I applied to work at Pine Cove, I had never heard of a ministry like Camp in the City.  Every summer, Pine Cove packs up the joy and energy of camp and drives across Texas and the southeast. Along with obvious camp needs—such as snacks, skit clothes, and play pit balls—the caravan also carries […]

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The Gospel Cheer

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Aug 15, 2017

Worship at Camp in the City

At Pine Cove, we have a cheer for nearly everything: Bible study, lunch, free time, sitting down, club, soup, cleaning, and competition represent only a handful of our chants. We cheer because we are excited about every aspect of camp. But the most important thing that we do at Pine Cove is share God’s story […]

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When You Don’t See the Fruit

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Jul 18, 2017

Campers talking at the Shores

If you’ve worked at Pine Cove this summer, you are likely heading back to college soon. For the past several weeks and months, you jumped as high as twelve phonebooks. You clapped to countless Birthday Raps. You strove to win Pit-n-Palace on a daily basis, and you mastered a dance to every song on the […]

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