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Birthday Celebrations at Pine Cove

by Kathryn Shoaf


“Aaaaaaah! You’re never going to believe what just happened!”

Startled by yelling voices, you look up to see two strange characters on stage in ridiculous outfits. Several people around you stand to their feet and shout, “What happened?”

While using one hand to keep obnoxious wigs on their heads and the other hand to hold microphones, the characters spin a story about one of those—one of those 26-fingered, 74-eye-balled, 38-legged Galapagos monsters.

Struggling to keep their fake teeth in their mouths, the characters continue talking about this Galapagos monster. It wiggled one of its 26 fingers, and the characters knew that the movement meant one thing and one thing only—come a little bit closer. When they moved towards the monster, they realized that it was SPEAKING HUMAN LANGUAGE!

You look around and realize that while you sit, most of the crowd is jumping to their feet.


The characters on stage say, “I heard a rumor, a ru-ru-rumor, that today…”

Everyone around you shouts responses to the characters.

“…is Taylor Jones’s birthday!”

Your friends gently push you towards the stage and point to a chair between the two unique characters.

Music is pulsing, and the crowd is screaming

“Well let’s wake up, don’t take no nap, and start your clappin’ to the birthday rap!”

And that’s when you realize something.

“Today is a day we must recognize, so start your jammin’ and let’s energize!”

This is how Pine Cove celebrates birthdays.

“They say it’s your birthday all day long. That’s why we’re singing you a birthday song.”

Pine Cove is so happy about your birthday that they performed an entire skit in your honor.

“Happy birthday to you! Huh-huh!”

At Pine Cove, we know that not every day is your birthday. That is why Daniel “Ambush” Wallace brought the birthday rap to the Ranch in 1990—to make your special day extra memorable. Since then, it has been built on, changed, and tweaked to be what it is now: a slightly weird, very funny, Pine Cove tradition.

So next time you plan a trip to Pine Cove, consider visiting the week of your birthday because…

“If there’s something in your life that you don’t want to shrug, it’s an all-Pine-Cove hug!”


Posted Apr 16, 2018

Kathryn Shoaf

Summer Media Intern

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