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Camper Mom

Camper Mom

Motherhood is Worth It

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted May 3, 2021


Recently during my quiet time with the Lord, I was having a bona fide pity party. Please tell me you’ve been there? I was telling God all the ways my life was hard and how exhausted I was from dealing with it. I told Him that keeping a marriage intact felt like more work than […]

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Nourishment in the Desert

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted Feb 17, 2021

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Though not all bad, the year 2020 took a couple of gut punches to our family, just like millions of others. We arrived at the New Year’s Conference at Pine Cove bruised and weary. My father-in-law had died tragically a couple of months earlier, and my husband was painfully recovering from back surgery. With our […]

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Working Together to Reap a Harvest

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted Oct 20, 2020


Combines dot the outskirts of my small town this time of year. They trek down row after row, from morning ‘til night, gathering rice, corn, and soybeans from the fields. It’s harvest season. And though it’s hard work, this is the time when farmers get to reap what they sowed during the labor-intensive spring. Harvest […]

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How to Help your Child Connect to God and Learn to Pray

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted Jul 2, 2020


My oldest daughter tends to overthink and worry about things at night when she’s tired. Something about a long day and an exhausted mind magnifies her otherwise minor fourth grade problems. I remember one night as she laid in her top bunk above her sister, with tears streaming down her cheeks, I taught her Philippians […]

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