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Author: Maggie Coffey

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Maggie Coffey

Former Summer Staff

From Cove Kids to Cove Kids Staff

by Maggie Coffey


For the Steeves family, rolling into the Bluffs family camp in 2003 was a first-time family camp vacation. Little did they know, as they entered the gates, that their daughter would eventually make the transition from camper to counselor, and from being served to serving others. Kat “Drops” Steeves (far left) was one of the […]

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20 Years of Family Camp

by Maggie Coffey


It’s week 2 during the summer of 1999, and the Wiesen family has just rolled into their first week at the Woods. Jumping and screaming counselors overwhelmed them, and Mrs. Julie Wiesen looked over and thought, “I don’t know if this is our place.” Little did they know that this would be their reality for […]

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Walk the Line

by Maggie Coffey


You’re standing there, terrified of what people will think of you if you cross the room to “walk the line.” “What would they say if they only knew?” Then you see your friends walk and you realize that you’re not alone, and you now have the courage to take the leap of faith. At the […]

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