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Chimney Point’s Cowboy Breakfast

by Anna Birch

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Staffer Leah Grace “Raffy” Wiggins shares why Chimney Point’s Cowboy Breakfast is a favorite among parents!

The beauty of Cowboy Breakfast is that the very people who are always taking care of others—parents!—can be taken care of themselves. We welcome the couples inside a cabin on the edge of the lake, decorated with a Little House on the Prairie vibe. Although the house is small and quaint, the breakfast is massive. Everywhere you look, there is something to tempt the eye.

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We serve Pine Cove’s Project 319 coffee and virtually every flavor of coffee creamer one could dream up.


On the tables are french toast, biscuits and gravy, an assortment of homemade muffins, and fresh fruit. But we can’t forget the candied bacon! This bacon has been saturated in brown sugar overnight, and then doused in maple syrup. A fantasy-like combination of sweet and salty.


We also offer egg skillets, where the parents can choose from a variety of toppings that are added to an egg scrambler served in a mini-cast iron skillet.


The parents take this time to just be people, without any demands being made of them. They laugh with other couples, reminisce about their kids, and tell stories from their college days.

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A sweeter side of this breakfast is when couples go out on the back porch that overlooks the lake and talk about their relationship. It is a fun and intimate time for these parents to be spoiled, like they deserve.

Posted Jul 15, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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