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Christmas-Themed Camp Names

by Anna Birch

Christmas stage

These staffers must be extra excited for Christmas… because their names are about the holiday season! Give a shout-out if you know one of these staffers (or tell us if it’s you!). As one camp name suggests, “Let’s Get Down To Christmas”! 

Whether you’re decorating, hosting, or wrapping gifts, you can’t forget these essential items…
Bubble Rap
Twinkle Bows
Candy Cane You Not

Santa and his helpers are a common name theme here at camp…
Father Christmas
Santa Clause is Coming to Cuba
Here Comes Santa Floss
Elf Be There For Boo!
Buddy The Elf I Can’t See Color

Sing along to these favorite Christmas songs….
Sideways In a Manger
Silent Night
Little Drummer Boy
Nutell’em on the Mountain
All Wii Want for Christmas is Juice
Feliz Navi Tot
Last Christmas I Gave You My Art But The Very Next Day I Gave You Away 

You can’t go wrong with these beloved Christmas classics…
Christmas with the Crocs
How the Grinch Swole Christmas

We sure hope it’s a white Christmas…
Wreck Yes or Snow
Snow as My Rashes
I was Snow Board
Cirque du Snow-lait
Mrs. Potato Sled

We’d be remiss if we didn’t wish you a….
Dairy Christmas
Gassy Christmas
Merry Fishmas

And a Happy…
New Year’s Heave

Posted Dec 16, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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