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Full-Time Staff: What Are You Learning Right Now?

by Anna BirchPosted Feb 5, 2020

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Hearing what other believers are learning can be such an encouragement to our faith! It can challenge us to dive deeper into the Word of God, inspire us to not settle for shallow faith, and remind us of Truth in the midst of trials. In light of that, we asked some of our full-time staff to share what they are learning right now and how they plan to apply it. After you read what they said, we hope you will share what you are learning with a friend!

Katlyn “Captain Obvious” Messick: “I’m learning about doing emotionally hard things. When I think about hard work, I think physical labor, or long hours on the computer or long work days. But I am learning what emotionally hard work is and how to put in effort in loving people even when it’s hard! My motto right now is, I CAN DO HARD THINGS!” 

Jan “Sugar Pop” Robertson: “I’m learning to be thankful in all things. Each day, my husband Randy and I take time to list what we are thankful for. We have SOOOO much to be thankful for!!!!!”

Trent “UGA” McClure: “I am learning to be fully dependent on the Lord. Moving to a new region has brought unexpected hardships, in which the Lord has been super sweet to me and brought me to a place to rely on him and not my own abilities or the people around me!” 

Garret “Busta Move” Ward: “I’m reading through Mark right now and seeing how the different accounts of the Gospel show what is important to each writer. I’m learning that in my life some things may be more important to me, but overall all are important to the Lord!” 

Alaine “Four Eyes” Buchanan: “I’m learning and processing through the examples in Scripture where we see people with good intentions, who think they are worshipping or sacrificing to the Lord, but are doing it according to what is right in their own eyes based on the culture around them instead of according to what the Lord has said (Aaron and the golden calf in Exodus 32, Micah and the tribe of Dan in Judges 17-18). Partial obedience is disobedience, and the Lord is not required to be pleased with our worship; there is a way to worship the Lord that is displeasing even if “He knows my heart.” The application for me is really looking into Scripture and continuing to learn who the Lord says He is (not who I think He is) and what He requires of me specifically in worship.”

Caleb “Wheelin and Dealin” Carter: “What I’m learning: I’m being reminded that telling people the true Gospel is the most significant work a human can do, and that it needs to be more of a priority. How to apply it: In morning time with the Lord, pray for specific opportunities that day and to have His eyes when I’m out in the world.”  

Sam “Bus” Peters: “I’m learning that more important than my love for God is God’s love for me! It’s exciting to rest and rejoice in His love which spurs me on to loving Him more than I would if I was simply focusing on my obedience. In other words, I find myself being more obedient the more I focus on God’s goodness rather than simply focusing on my obedience.” 

Tatum “Hullabaloo” Roan: “Right now I am learning how fleeting moments and seasons are. I hope this lesson presses me to fully enjoy the present while it is here, not look forward to what is next.” 

Trevor “Bonko” Mullikin: “I’m learning about healthy rhythms of life and that we, as humans, have limitations that provide more freedom when we respect what is essential and get rid of the excess. This applies to everything including habits, training, and work/life balance!” 

Joey “Brozone” Smith: “I’m learning how to develop people and plan on using what I learn to improve the health and growth of my staff.”

EJ “Pops” Hibbler: “I’m learning about reliance on the LORD for ALL THINGS. Yes, I know it sounds very Christian-like, but this season of life is truly teaching me things like where my next meal will come from (not solely from my pay stub), or who will be the next person I’m able to share the Gospel with (especially after morning prayer asking the LORD for the opportunity outside of my job), or even how to manage my time with friends or family. ‘The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way’ – Psalm 37:23.” 

Brooke “Berlin Ball” O’Bryant: “I’m learning what trust in the Lord looks like in many ways. And what it looks like to hope in the Lord (and what that means) on a day-to-day basis. Applying it… not exactly sure. I think just a reminder of what an eternal mindset looks like on a daily basis. Still figuring it out as well.” 

Jeff “Backfire” Lay: “Leading my family well is dependent on my following Jesus well. I’ve always loved the correlation between leading and following. Too often we look at these qualities as though they are in opposition when actually, they are profoundly intertwined! I want to lead well by living out a clear picture of what it is to humbly follow!”

Anna Birch

Inside the Cove Coordinator

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