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Gettin’ Jiggsy With It

by Jon Davidson

Jiggs n Jon

Most people have a ‘go-to.’ You might have a go-to movie, TV show, or even a book. But almost everybody has that thing that is a total comfort zone, something that you don’t mind repeating time after time. Every few years it seems like I pick up “The Hobbit” and give it another read.

The truth is there is tons of transition and change in most of our lives. We long for stability and for the familiar. That is why family relationships are so impactful. Ultimately, we should be looking to the Lord for stability, but I’ll spare you the #jesusjuke for now.

In the midst of my 8th summer (6th at the Ranch) at PC, something familiar that I always look forward to being around is Jiggs. Jiggs is somewhat famous. He’s a man with mental disabilities in his 50’s who really knows how to put a smile on my face.

Jiggs skit

Jiggs, just like anyone else on staff, truly has a personality. And the best part is, he’s the same goofy guy that I remember from my very first summer here. I recently asked a few of my friends who know Jiggs very well what kind of personality he has (Lion, Otter, Beaver, Retriever) and why. Here’s what a few of them said:

“I think Jiggs is an otter because he loves to have fun, loves people, gets easily distracted, and most importantly, he is always the life of the party!” – WhistleToe

“Whether his desire to deliver a good skit or his diligence in Commando Forest, his passion and competitiveness shines bright—a sure sign of a lion.” – Brief Thief

“Jiggs is a beaver because he pays attention to detail well, like knowing summer staff names and exactly how many campers he “busted” in Commando, as well as for the fact that he is task-oriented and can keep up with his various roles, which include everything from plugging into activity classes to ringing the bell to even being the hero in the camp skit. Jiggs is definitely a beaver!” – Small Fall

“Jiggs is a Retriever. He likes predictability and order and is slower to adjust to changes. He cares for people and is quick to encourage and high five others.” – Opa!

Obviously we have a hard time agreeing on his personality. Although I agree with all of these, it’s definitely most evident that he is absolutely and unequivocally an otter. He loves to have fun! I’m undone with excitement when I think about spending another summer with this wonderful man!

Posted Jun 28, 2013

Jon Davidson

Former Staff

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