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Staff Stories of Impact

by Anna Birch


We. Love. Our. Staff! God uses them every summer to help transform the lives of thousands of campers each year. It also pumps us up to hear how, in the process of pouring out their lives at camp, they are impacted as well! 

For countless college staff, their experience over the summer is life-changing. They go back to their families and schools on fire for the Gospel, desiring God’s glory over their own. Here are just a few of our favorite things our staff had to say about their experience this summer. 



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Pictures don’t do justice and words barely suffice, but this summer has been the most impactful in my life yet. I prayed after spending my first summer of college in ministry that God would continue to shape me, teach me, and use me for His will all the more as my life went on, and this summer has marked new heights and depths in that journey. God has shown me more of the unsearchable heights of His character in His patience, steadfastness, magnificence, and glory, the absolute depths of my own sin and depravity, and a newfound passion for the joy to be found in the gift of life that Jesus offers us. So I hope you can see in this post at least a small glimpse of the eternal joy that comes in a relationship with Jesus

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“Camp is a sweet and intentional time when you focus all of your attention on the Lord, who He is, and what that means for you. You will not walk out as the same person you walked in as. Also, there’s a Eurobungee.” -Camp in the City Edge staffer

“I realized that normally when I went out of my way to serve someone else, I was doing it for selfish motives and recognition from others. Program staff does a lot of behind the scenes work with little recognition, and it was very humbling for me to experience. It is not about me. It is about glorifying the Lord’s name; if that is done by scrubbing plates and cooking up the same meals every week, then let it be so.” -Silverado staffer


“This summer, I have been stretched in so many ways. I was nervous stepping into my role that I wasn’t  really good enough or equipped enough. The Lord overshadowed any insecurities that I had about this summer. He has shown me what confidence in Him looks like. The Lord has been chipping away at the pride that I carried coming into camp and transforming that into confidence in the Lord and who He is in me.” -Ranch staffer


“God can and will use anyone to edify and further His kingdom. It’s not a matter of worthiness, but a matter of willingness. God has called us worthy and, if we are willing, He will equip us and make us ready. I was hesitant to work because I didn’t know if I was worthy or had the energy, but God reminded me that despite my doubts, He will use anyone.” -Towers staffer

“I was more impacted in my faith this summer than I have been in any other season of my life. I felt more encouraged, loved, and poured into than I have anywhere else.” -Woods staffer 

“Jesus, through this ministry and these people, has allowed Pine Cove to humble me, prune me, and strip away from me all pride, sin, and everything that hinders. It puts you in a place where you realize that nothing is about you—your desire is only Jesus and sharing with others His goodness and loving-kindness of what He did for us on the cross, which makes all of your work and pain worth it.” -Ridge staffer


“This summer radically changed who I am and the way I see God. I came into camp not focused on my prayer life, not realizing how broken I truly was, and experienced the freedom I have with Jesus Christ. Through Pine Cove, I was able to see the capability of God and watch Him work through and in my campers. As I washed my campers feet, I have never seen hope in this many girls’ eyes in my life. I realized where my faith and hope were being put and that ultimately I would be left unsatisfied and even more broken. I found hope in Jesus Christ. This summer, I felt freedom with Him. I knew that because of the cross, He has victory over my life. I have always been surrounded by the Gospel and Jesus and the church, but this summer is when I truly saw Jesus as a friend, a savior, and a redeemer. I am impacted by Pine Cove to go home and walk freely with Jesus Christ because Satan and this world has no claim on my life.” -Shores staffer


“Pine Cove reminded me of the weight, freedom, and urgency of the Gospel and gave me an eternal perspective of why I am here on earth: to love those around me by making the name of Jesus known.” -Ridge staffer

“I stretched and grew in so many ways this summer. I learned a lot about what it means to humbly serve behind the scenes and truly give all the glory to God. I was convicted of my pride and shown my need for God in new ways. I learned what it means to fully rely on the Lord in all areas of my life and trust in His strength and not my own.” -Outback staffer



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So I went to camp for a while. I didn’t get too many pictures taken of myself and I’ll get to why that is. I shaved my beard while I was there and I was super hesitant to do so. Ya boys self confidence sunk so smooth when he did it. But, in the 7 weeks my beard game was very weak, my trust in God grew a lot. I was humbled like I’ve never been before in all aspects of my life. Not even the photography I did was for myself, but for the Kingdom. So throughout my time at camp, I brought myself down but, God picked me right back up and did what only He can do. He shut down the confidence I had in myself and grew me to have it in Him and nothing else. So just go read 1 Peter 5:6 and live it out, might not be fun at first but, it’s definitely worth it. This is too long so I’ll stop here, Snax out.

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“Pine Cove is the real deal! Not because of who they are, but because of how God is working through their ministry. It equips anyone to walk out their faith, teaches you how to simplify the Gospel and share it with all ages of people, gives you real-life skills you can use in any career choice, and can provide a lifelong community of believers.” -Camp in the City Jungle staffer


“This summer taught me a lot about what it looks like to fully rely on the Lord for strength and energy. I learned what it means to sacrifice time with people or sleep to spend more time with the Lord. I learned more about the Lord’s character than ever before through the eyes of young girls. I learned how simple the Gospel is and the value of having a childlike faith. I learned how the Lord continues to chase after us even despite our natural tendency to run from him.” -Silverado staffer

“There is no greater joy than working at camp where you are giving 110% for the Gospel and becoming fully dependent upon the Lord.” -Crier Creek staffer



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Wouldn’t trade this summer for anything. God is good.

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Posted Sep 4, 2019

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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