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Leadership Weekend 2015

by Mallory Dennis

City Staff

I found out just days before Pine Cove’s Leadership Weekend that I would get the privilege of being a leader this summer on the media team, and therefore I would be in attendance. Though I was excited, I was a little nervous and overwhelmed by the fact that my first summer working for Pine Cove I would have such an important role! What?!

Being in the Pine Cove Forge program this year, I have learned a lot about what being a leader looks like. Yes, it is fun and exciting, but it is also difficult and sometimes even scary. So as I drove through the plethora of full-time staff welcoming me to the Leadership Weekend at the Ranch (I later learned that is what they call “The Gauntlet”), a lot of these emotions surfaced. I got super excited about the summer, but then I started to feel the pressure of the responsibilities that leaders have.

Throughout the weekend, 200 other summer and full-time staff members and I were poured into by a few of the amazing leaders who help make this summer happen: Craig Langemeier, Jason Wallace, Andrew Bacon, and Reed Livesay. There were many valuable lessons, but a few things that we were encouraged in were to lead from who God has designed us to be, to seek unity (Ephesians 4:1-6), and to spend time in the Word with our ultimate leader, Jesus.

One of my favorite messages from the weekend was shared by Andrew “Bunga” Bacon. He gave us some awesome tips on confrontation and conflict and allowed us to see it in a new light. He said that “confrontation is not only a privilege but a responsibility as a leader.” He also reminded us how important it is to build solid relationships with your team members so that whether you are complimenting or confronting, they know that you care! These tips gave me confidence for when conflict arises and that confrontation can be handled graciously.

After every session I felt more and more equipped and prepared to lead confidently, not because of my own strengths, but because I have the Spirit of God in me. By the time Sunday came around and it was time to head home, I was pumped for camp and those negative emotions that I had previously felt were gone. I knew that this team of people is now no longer worried about what WE can do this summer, but all expectantly waiting and praying for what our GOD will do!

I had no idea what to expect coming in, but I was blown away by the leadership and great example that the full-time staff displays and expects of us. After all of the great worship, fun, prayer, and intentional team time that we had, I now have a glimpse of what to expect this summer… and I cannot wait!

Please join us as we are praying daily (12:00 pm) for what God will do this summer at Pine Cove!

Posted Apr 15, 2015

Mallory Dennis

Former Summer Staff

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