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Lessons From the Shores Staff

by Colton Venner

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The majority of Pine Cove campers could tell you about the amazing life lessons and spiritual truths that they learn each year from their short stay at camp. On the last night of camp each week, Pine Cove has an awesome tradition called “Camper Share” where campers explain to all of camp the valuable things that God has taught them over the previous few days. However, there is a vast amount of lessons learned that are not expressed in a microphone that are just as life-changing. Pine Cove is not only used by the Lord to teach the campers about their need for Christ but it is also used to teach the staff the very same truths.

Halfway through each summer, a large portion of the staff heads home and allows the second half staffers to fill the empty cabins during a time that we like to call MAWOG (Men and Women of God). Before MAWOG, we went around and asked the first half to summarize the biggest lesson they learned during their employment in one sentence. It is amazing to see what God is doing in the lives of the people on summer staff here at the Shores! The following is a list of some of the responses that we received:

“I have learned to truly rely on the Holy Spirit when speaking to these campers because my words will not fulfill what they need.” –First Summer Male Staffer

“I learned that I am not above being a servant.” –Second Summer Female Staffer

“I learned that even if I have the coolest job in the world, it will not be enough if I am not relying on the Lord for purpose.” –Second Summer Male Staffer

“I learned that even if I think I know what I should do, following the Lord always requires a step of faith.” –Second Summer Male Staffer

“I learned how to have consistency in leadership.” –Second Summer Female Staffer

“I learned that my need for God should exceed all things.” –First Summer Female Staffer

“I learned that Christ can satisfy your every need; even when I don’t believe that He will, He does.” –Second Summer Female Staffer

“I learned how to love when it is hard to love and how to love those that seem unlovable.” –Second Summer Male Staffer

“I learned the urgency of the Gospel and that we are commanded to share it.” –First Summer Female Staffer

“I learned the importance of others correcting me and what it looks like to work for God rather than for man.” –First Summer Male Staffer

“I learned that we should be more excited for the Gospel than worldly success and prosperity.” –Second Summer Male Staffer

“I learned that true spiritual impact only comes from the Lord – not good information.” –Second Summer Male Staffer

As you can see, God uses Pine Cove to shape lives into the image of Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are a first time camper or a full time staffer. God is using Pine Cove.

Posted Jul 11, 2014

Colton Venner

Ridge Men's Director

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