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Meet our New Alumni Director

by Hannah Carter


When was the last time someone asked you what your camp name was? Well, we’re asking again! Not everyone gets to spend a summer in the middle of nowhere… cell phone off, cheering about meal time, wearing the same clothes as their peers two days a week and being known by a seriously fun name, right? Nope, that’s only reserved for an amazing group of people known as Pine Cove Summer Staff!

We need to get the gang all together again! My name is Hannah Carter (aka “Patilla Piñata”), and after 12 years of working at Pine Cove, including six years as Director of Camp in the City and marrying my husband “Wheelin and Dealin” along the way, I’ve recently stepped into the role of Director of Alumni!

We have an incredible range of staff alumni from 21 to 90 years old who spent their summers investing in the lives of campers here at Pine Cove. Our desire is to reconnect with our former staff, as well as connect you to each other to create Pine Cove community in your city and around the country!

I would love your ideas, and I would love to hear from you! -Hannah “Patilla Piñata” Carter (Email Hannah)

Editor’s Note: Ready to connect with other staff alumni? Hannah made a Facebook group from each camp so you can learn what everyone is up to now. Click on the link to the camp you worked at, and we will get you connected!


Posted Feb 6, 2018

Hannah Carter

Director of Alumni

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