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More 2020 Camp Names We Love

by Anna Birch

Woods name game

We have so many favorite camp names from this summer, we had to make another list! Do you recognize any of your counselors or friends from this list? 

To get you in the mood for Christmas in July:

Wash You a Merry Slipmas
Mr. Hallmark
Police Navidad

Do you recognize any favorite tunes or bands in these camp names? 

Ice Ice Date, Maybe?
Red Hot Chili Wrecker
The Heels Are Alive
Benny and the Shreks 

Food-themed names… are you hungry yet? 

Raising Hanes
Krusty Nuggets On a Rip
Opposable Plums
Baby Gobble Cop
#1 w/ a lemonade
Band-aid Mayonnaise 

Say “cheese!” 

You’ve Got A Friend In Cheese
Cheeseless Feet-zza
Blue-ten Free Pizza
Oh Feta Cheese Louise
Dat Boy Needs Some Milk

Star Wars names seem to pop up every year…

Han Swolo

Here are some of the craziest (and sometimes hardest to pronounce) names we have heard all summer!

Hay, Gimme That
No Lice Green Ears Can’t Snooze
Adequate Cornhole Player
Easy Peezy Sneezy Queasy
Xtra Penguin Butter Plz
Lean, Green, Tanning Machine
Dogged her Bluelittle (did you catch the Mad Gab?!)

Posted Jul 22, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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