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More Camper Quotes 2020

by Anna Birch

ridge baptism

Every single week, our staff prepares for Bible studies, activity classes, and theme nights, but ultimately, the Holy Spirit is preparing the hearts of campers for some serious life-change. Even seeing just a glimpse of what He has done for these kids and families leaves us grateful to be a part of it all! Here are what a few campers have said about what God did during their week of camp.

“The Lord has taught me this week that He will never leave me or forsake me. Sometimes I wake up and think God is not with me, but this camp has taught me He always is.” – Ranch camper

“I got onto the ropes tower and froze and was paralyzed in fear. My body would not leave the tower. It was the unknown. It was the unknown of what was going to happen, and what it would feel like. It was such a time of reflection for me—so many things done here are so intentional and all these counselors and my family were cheering me on. It showed me how the body of Christ comes alongside you in times of fear. We cannot be paralyzed in the fear of the unknown.”  – Woods parent

“Before camp, I was really insecure about everything, especially how loud and crazy I am. I fell into a deep depression, and wouldn’t eat, and people just didn’t like me. My parents didn’t really understand and just thought I was lazy. But when I got to camp, I just saw how accepting everyone is and they just embraced me with open arms. Now I can stop faking my happiness and replace it with real happiness.” – Ranch camper

“I came feeling alone, then my whole cabin showed me that God put a community of this cabin right in front of me. He is always with me.” – Timbers camper

“It’s always the BEST week of the year for us, and this year was no different. Especially this year, I think we came in so worn down from the last few months, that it was a beautiful week to reconnect with Jesus in such a powerful way.”  – Chimney Point camper


“This week, I learned we are loved by God even though we are broken people.” – Silverado camper

“A while ago I accepted Christ, but I’ve been through a lot of suffering, physically and mentally, and I’ve lost most of my faith and connection with God. This week I have been preached to by almost everyone here, even my cabin mates, and tonight I decided to finally trust and give myself to God.” – Timbers camper

“We talk about camp being the best example of Heaven. The gauntlet is like the angels when they celebrate someone coming to know Jesus.” – Chimney Point parent

“This past year I filled myself with the secular and praised other people besides God. I’ve realized God is the only true joy and fulfillment.” – Ridge camper

“This week the Lord has been reminding me that He alone fulfills. Once we are willing to reject something because we know the only thing we truly need is God, we are ready to accept in full what God has for us.” – Shores camper

Posted Aug 4, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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