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Movie-Themed Camp Names

by Anna Birch

Captain America costumes

From Disney cartoons to action flicks, movies are common themes behind some of the best camp names. We gathered up a few of our favorites (sorted by genre) and would love to know if you can guess the titles behind a few of the more obscure references! 

Princess Pee-a Therpopolis
Princess and the Blog
Keto and Stitch
Diary of a Wimpy County Clerk
Pull The Lever Bonk
Yoohoo! Big Summer Blowout!
It’s LeviBROsa not Leviosa

Sci-fi and Superheroes:
Han Swolo
Revenge of the Shrimp
UT Flown Home
Thanos Sunrise
Ultimate Hulk
BatWoman in the MacMobile

2 Feet & Tooth Furious
I’m De Captain Now
Release the Quacken
The Last Chairbender
Mission Im-possum-ble

Chick Flicks:
Pitch Purrrfect
How to Lose a Twin in 10 Days
Sweet Home Aligator

A Million Dreams
Sleeping in the Rain
The Heels Are Alive
The Wizard of Gauze
Homeschool Musical 2

Good Drill Bunting
Curious Case of Belly Button
The Great Catsby

Posted Feb 17, 2021

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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