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New Activities for Summer 2021

by Valerie Morby


As if exciting activities like zip lines, boats, and blobs weren’t enough, all of our camps are constantly adding new activities! What better way to keep days fresh, full, and fun than by offering a puppy class or a giant inflatable slide? Jump in on the action as we take you on a tour through a few of our awesome new camp activities!

20Ti0604-DP-2_xo8um8 Timbers
Early risers and aspiring anglers alike are sure to be big fans of the new fishing activity class at the Timbers! Each Sunday, interested campers sign up to fish for an hour each morning before Flag. With beautiful sunrise lake views and an abundance of fish to reel in, Timbers campers are definitely going to be hooked!

The Ranch actually has THREE new activities this summer: a golf class called Tee Time, a karaoke class (because you truly can’t hear the music from “Frozen” enough), and Island Time, a whole floating village of multiple activities out on the lake! Press play on the video above to get an up-close view of the serious fun campers get to have at Island Time.

21Si-puppies-1_zs7ngc Silverado
Silverado’s puppy class is the most paw-some activity at Pine Cove this summer! During their hour-long activity class, campers get to train and play with seven of the cutest puppies around. Silverado even has its own “puppy wrangler,” Sharkie, who’s in charge of feeding, walking, training, and loving on everyone’s favorite camp dogs. The coolest part? At the end of the summer, all seven English Cream Golden Retrievers will be auctioned off to loving Pine Cove homes, with proceeds going to our scholarship program, Project 319! Bringing home a puppy AND helping send kids to camp—what could be better? (Bid on a puppy here!)

21Ri0403-71_kiyht7 Ridge
“Silent Disco” is the newest class at the Ridge with the least amount of noise! At this rocking new activity, campers don a pair of headphones and tune in to one of three channels, each containing a different genre of music. So at any given moment, campers could be listening to their favorite camp dance song, a Disney movie ballad, or a throwback classic. We wish everyone could have the experience of walking into the middle of this class, because the only thing you can hear is the campers singing at the top of their lungs!

insidethecove%2F21Wo0303-83-edit Woods
Soccer? Amazing. Horses? Everyone’s favorite! Put those two together and you get… Barn Soccer! Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like: soccer played on horseback! Our Woods campers have been loving “horsing around” in the arena as two teams saddle up and face off in a match no one will ever forget.

21Wo0404-79_quq2eq The lake at the Woods just got a whole lot more fun—and a whole lot bouncier! This towering new water slide has become a camper favorite during free time, and it’s not hard to imagine why. A giant slide plus a lake will always equal serious fun! And on that note, we’re glad we’re done with this article—we’re on our way to the Woods lake! You can find us on the giant slide if you need us…

Posted Jul 7, 2021

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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