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New Pine Cove Gear 2021

by Valerie Morby


Signs that it’s spring: the azaleas begin blooming, bright green pollen dusts every car in sight, and Pine Cove pulls back the curtain to give you a sneak peek at some of our favorite new items you’ll be seeing in the camp store during the summer! And this year is no exception. From brand-new sweatshirts and journals to concrete mugs and brightly-colored blankets, you’re sure to find something (probably multiple somethings) to add to your wish list! Check out what campers will be browsing in the camp store, then head to our online shop to beat the rush and get YOUR favorite Pine Cove merch!

Legacy Hats (Burgundy, Dark Green, Lake Blue, Coral, Sawgrass, Dusty Rose, Khaki)
The sun will be no match for you when you’re sporting one of these embroidered Legacy Hats! Available in a variety of colors and featuring a simple white Pine Cove logo, you’ll be the envy of everyone at the dock in one of these cool hats.


Journals (Pencils, Marble, Ombre, Tie Dye, Black & White
Whether you’re writing prayers, poems, or puns (#PunCove), these beautiful new journals have you covered! And speaking of covers—how cool are these? We’re partial to the marble and the ombre, but the illustrated pencils, tie dye, and black & white covers will definitely catch your eye too.


Dark Gray Horse Tee
Hay there—are you in the market for a new Pine Cove T-shirt? Maybe one with a horse on it? You must have a lucky horseshoe, because you’re in luck! This dapper new gray tee has already become a mane-stay of our wranglers’ wardrobes, and we know you’re going to love it too. Saddle up and head to our online store to order yours today!


Comfort Color Crew Sweatshirt
Once upon a time you would have never seen a sweatshirt worn at camp during the summer. These days, all bets are off and Pine Cove sweatshirts are actually pretty ubiquitous at camp—yes, even in July! Don’t let the coming summer months keep you from grabbing this comfy, cozy sweatshirt while you can. When those cool mornings come, you’ll be glad you did!


Concrete Mugs
We’ve stocked a wide variety of mugs in the past, and we love them all—but these concrete mugs might actually be our favorite! They’re tall, sturdy, chic, and best of all: they hold coffee. Available in black or white, these concrete mugs are the perfect gift for a friend—or for yourself!


Navy Hoodie Pullover
If you’re in the market for a soft, lightweight hoodie that pairs well with EVERYTHING, then look no further than our new navy pullover! We’re never absolutely positive about what camp apparel is going to sell out, but if we had to guess, we’d strongly encourage you to order this pullover while you can….


Pastel Sweatshirt Blankets
They’re the classic Pine Cove sweatshirt blankets you know and love, this time in an array of pastel colors that will have you swooning (do people swoon over blankets?)! The perfect size for a camp bunk bed or just for cuddling up on the couch, you do not want to miss out on ordering one of these all-time camp store favorites!


Posted Apr 7, 2021

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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