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Opening 2017: Chimney Point in South Carolina!

by Andrew Bacon

Chimney Point Lake Hartwell

I remember when I came to work at Pine Cove for the first time in 2002. My life was absolutely transformed by being on staff and I am thankful to still be able to serve here. I even met my wife, Brooke, while working at the Shores camp in 2004. Thirteen years later, I am excited to share that Pine Cove’s first national expansion camp, Chimney Point will open in 2017 in what will be our 50th summer!


This 120-acre former lakeside dairy farm with picturesque pastures and meadows is located on the popular destination lake, Lake Hartwell, right along the Georgia/South Carolina border. It is conveniently located within a few hours of Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, and Columbia, South Carolina. Deciding on this location took lots of time and prayer, but God directed our path, regularly opened doors and provided opportunities that made His will to expand the ministry undeniable.

You may be asking yourself, “Self, why did Pine Cove decide to expand from Texas to South Carolina?” A number of years ago, our senior leadership began to notice increased numbers of youth and family campers, as well as summer staff, traveling from the Southeast region of the United States to join us in our mission at our Texas camps. That mission: to be used by God to transform the lives of others for His purpose and His glory.

Through the Lord’s leading the past three years, we have served in Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina forming incredible church partnerships throughout the Southeast with our Camp in the city day camp ministry, and we are thrilled to be building our first family camp in the region as well.

Chimney Point Silos

Not familiar with “family camp?” Family camp at Pine Cove is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. We’ve even had families tell us that after one summer, given the choice between family camp and Disney, their kids chose to return to family camp! We’ve had families that have come for 13 years straight and then begun the tradition with their grandchildren! For decades at the properties in Texas, hundreds of families have unplugged from the stresses of everyday life, experienced God’s presence surrounded by His creation, and reconnected as a family. Chimney Point will be no different! It will be the ultimate, all-inclusive family vacation. At Pine Cove, our goal is life transformation, and a week at Chimney Point Family Camp will provide each family that attends with the tools and experiences to strengthen their walk with God and their families. The activities and programs that we offer are for all ages, including newborns!

Currently, we are in the developmental phase and we are working with builders, contractors, and architects to design and build the cabins, as well as execute on our site plan. We are also forming relationships throughout the area, as well as the major cities in the region. We are excited as we anticipate all the families and staff that will be impacted by God’s work at Chimney Point in the coming years!

Want to know how to be involved, stay updated, or even register for Chimney Point? Visit our Chimney Point page now!

Posted Feb 2, 2016

Andrew Bacon

Former Camp Director

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