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Pine Cove City: On the Road Again!

by Valerie Morby

Two City campers smile with their counselor in front of a giant inflatable water slide

After a summer 2020 hiatus, Pine Cove City is BACK! Summer’s only just begun, but we’ve already taken day camp to over 25 different churches! The Lord is clearly at work, and we’ve heard many incredible stories from our teams on the road. We’ve already been so blessed by our campers and church partners. Check out some photos and quotes below to get a glimpse of the Christ-centered, others-focused, and seriously fun day camp happening all across the Southeast!

Three girls smile together on a water inflatable

“It was a wonderful kick off to the summer. I loved all the activities and focus on connection with Christ. I feel as a 9 year old girl, my daughter looks up to the counselors and they were great role models for her this week.”

– Kelly, City Camper Parent

A large group of elementary-age boys all cheer while their counselor holds up a Spirit Stick

“Our kids came home talking about Jesus and wanting to share what they learned with us. It started so many conversations around our dinner table through the entire week. We also as a family really admired the staff’s greeting at the road each morning, we have laughed and talked about their crazy chants and dances many times since camp has ended!”

– Jennifer, City Camper Parent

Two boys pray together with their heads bowed and hands folded

“This camp for sure set the bar high for the summer. The boys were extremely excited to attend each day and came home singing and telling me about lessons and God. It was a great experience for both of them and I loved that I could take them each day and not worry about them all day.”

– Melissa, City Camper Parent

A girl wearing a soft helmet points a water toy at the camera in front of a giant, colorful inflatable

“Our kids absolutely loved it and came home talking about the activities, how they worshiped, what they learned from the Bible each day and the fun they had with their groups.”

– Rise, City Camper Parent

A drone shot of girls playing 9-square and their counselor holding the ball

“It is always wonderful for our kids to hear God’s truth from new voices. They hear it at home and at church, but to hear it at Pine Cove from such a high energy, positive, kind staff was wonderful for their faith.”

– Ashley, City Camper Parent

A boy slides through a water inflatable tunnel with a big smile on his face

Posted Jun 15, 2021

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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