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Bump the Lamp – Podcast Season 1, Episode 5

by Jesse Garner

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In this episode, we are gonna take it to the next level as we learn why we “Bump the Lamp” at Pine Cove. “Dutch” is back to share with us where this phrase came from and how it continues to transform staffer lives long after their time at Pine Cove is over. Be sure you are listening for how our hosts bump the lamp this episode, and join us in shouting out those you know who are doing this in your own life. 

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This episode of the Pine Cove podcast is brought to you by WATER. With exciting features like “hydration,” water is an indispensable part of camp. Need to wash your hands? Try using water! Looking for a beverage to pair with those chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese? Mix a sweet red powder with water! Need to wash paint off your face because all of your campers memorized their Bible verses? Splash some water on and you’re good to go, mostly! This combination of oxygen and hydrogen, with a touch of something that makes it smell JUST A LITTLE BIT WEIRD—hey, it’s camp—will keep you feeling fresh all day long! Or at least for the next 30 seconds. Thanks, humidity!

Posted Apr 21, 2020

Jesse Garner

Sr. Director of Camper Engagement

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