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Encouragement Wednesday – Podcast Season 1, Episode 6

by Jesse Garner

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We don’t just encourage on Wednesday, we actually encourage every day, all the time! And that’s what this whole episode is about. How to encourage, how to be encouraged, and we hope that it encourages YOU!

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Episode Sponsors

Trash Juice

Now for one of our sponsors, Trash Juice. Trash Juice is the little bit of trash water that leaks out of the bag while you’re taking it to the dumpster behind the dining hall. It’s how you know that “It’s not about you” really must be something you believe. With its trademark color and disgusting smell, Trash Juice will run down your leg and make you cry a little while you reflect on what service to the body of Christ really means. Trash Juice! It’s enough to make you hurl!

Posted Apr 24, 2020

Jesse Garner

Sr. Director of Camper Engagement

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