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Rainy Day Camp Fun

by Hannah Middleton

Campers dancing

You might be thinking to yourself, “Self… What does one do when it rains at camp?!” Well moms, dads, and anyone wondering, there is a variety of answers to that question and our very own Pine Cove Timbers has done an incredible job of finding that out for us!

For example, Monday of Week 2 there was a pretty crazy rain storm, but we didn’t just stay inside and have an all-day F.O.B. (Flat On Back). NO! After a lot of improvisation and fun-filled brainstorming, we created an activity called “Timbers Got Talent.”


This consisted of:

Step 1: Brainstorming

Each cabin is allotted time to create their performance, throwing out crazy ideas and always dreaming big. This step encouraged silliness in kids and openness as a cabin and was altogether a pretty hilarious and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The counselor got to witness their campers work together and campers became unified in deciding a final act.

Step 2: Practicing

In order to perform a quality performance, one must PRACTICE. No Shakespeare play was put together in mere minutes. They went through days and months of practice. Obviously, we didn’t allow our campers to have THAT much time, but we did provide them with a sufficient amount of time to come up with a quality game plan.

Step 3: Performing

At the Timbers, we have our cabins divided into clusters of four. So for the performance, we called up each cabin and switched between clusters, providing plenty of variety. There were songs, dances, skits (and maybe even some animal noises) thrown into the mix, and it was executed brilliantly. The show was a hit!

Campers dancing

Finally, what does every show have throughout the program? Commercial breaks of course! Here at the Pine Cove Timbers, our staff came up with some brilliant commercials and intermission activities. There were skits promoting a (somewhat) made-up product. There was a live preview of a movie that may or may not be coming soon to theaters. Finally, to wrap it all up, our very own Ranger was brought on stage (along with the rest of the boat driver team) for his “Raving with Ranger” performance, allowing everyone to get involved in a finale of dance.

So in case you are ever worried, there is nothing fun to do for rainy days at camp, the Timbers will prove you wrong. Because of our creative staff, everything is a blast!

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Posted Jun 18, 2014

Hannah Middleton

Former Summer Staff

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