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#ShoresReflect: First Half Summer Staff

by Melissa Laughlin

Shores Staff Praying

One week of Orientation? Check. Five weeks of AWESOME camp-life? Check. Learned something? Definitely check. Ready to head home? …Debatable. As fast as each week has gone, it blows our minds that the first-half staff’s time at Shores is already over. Despite the varied responses to going home, everyone seems to cling to one truth: those six weeks had a significant and beneficial impact on everyone’s spiritual journey.

The following are just a few (they would say painfully brief) stories on how individual staff members have grown and how the faithful Lord has revealed Himself:

“Being a counselor at Pine Cove has taught me to put my childish ways behind and entirely rely on Him. I have been constantly in prayer for strength, for my campers, and just to talk to Him. As I go home, I want to be growing in my relationship with Him. I want to spend time in the word or growing in my knowledge through other books. It’s time to be a man in every aspect of my walk with Christ.” –Catch Me if You Can

“This summer I have learned so much about myself and, more importantly, Christ. The biggest thing that I’ll take away from this summer is knowing that my feelings can’t and don’t define my faith. Experiencing and growing in this truth is something that I am going to remind myself of daily to fully live in God’s unconditional love.” –Anti-Venomnomnom

“I love that Pine Cove has taught me life isn’t about me. Here, it’s about campers coming to know and experience the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a residence assistant in college and with Acts 20:24 as my anthem, my prayer is to see the gospel radically change the lives of college students in the same way. It is incredible to see God use broken people as a part of His eternal plan.” –Prince Alarming

“My time at Shores has made my relationship with Christ so sweet. I have learned what it means to completely deny myself and depend on the Lord for everything. I have found complete joy in not living for myself and I plan to continue this as I head back home.” –Fainting Grimace

“Camp this summer has challenged me to live my faith and not ‘just talk’ it. The opportunity to live life with campers and shepherd them is extremely exciting, but also sobering. Faith without action is worthless and as I go back home, I am challenged to exhibit the tremendous message of the gospel through actions and see it reflected in the lives of my friends and family.” –King Dion

“I have learned, like it says in 1 Peter 1:6-7, that the Lord is refining me by taking all of the impurities out so that He can mold me into the woman of God He needs me to be.” –Gag Ga Goo Goo

“The Lord has shown me how weak my flesh is and how much I need to depend on him daily. Physically, mentally and spiritually I had to learn how to submit myself fully to God. Going home, I am going to hopefully continue dying to myself daily in order that Christ may be glorified. God is good and is strong, even when I am weak.” –Chick-Fil-Ahhh

“I have learned how to love people the way they desire to be loved. Previously, I only loved them with my own love, but now I can connect with my teammates and family members in a different way because of God’s love. Not only will this grow our relationships, but hopefully it will give me a chance to share the Gospel in a better way as well.” –That’s So Cravin’

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness,” (2 Corinthians 12:9). This has spurred me on this summer to love campers in spite of my flaws, struggles and imperfections. God, in His divine grace, will continue to use my gifts to glorify Him. All it takes is faith and obedience. The joy of the Lord is my strength!” –Harry Scary

“I am not sure if what I’ve learned this summer can be summed up at all, but my best effort is this: I’ve been pushed more than ever before to be more like Christ, and I will never be the same because of it. Not only do I now understand how to truly walk in the Light, but I will also live my day to day life differently. My spiritual life and my everyday life have become one after spending a summer at Shores.” –Ding Dong Did You Smell That?

“Here at camp I’ve learned that I’m messed up. I’m more of a sinner than I can ever imagine, but I am more loved than I can even comprehend. No matter what I do or what I say or what I think or how I act, God calls me choice despite the ugliness in the corners of my heart. Nothing can separate me from the reality that God loves me. Romans 8:38-39.” –King of Rock and Broll

Posted Jul 19, 2013

Melissa Laughlin

Former Summer Staff

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