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Slime, Puka Shells, and Crocs: Summer Trends at Pine Cove

by Valerie Morby

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We’ll say this for our summer staffers: they love to cannonball straight into an awesome new look and stick with it all summer long. Campers, too, gravitate to certain toys, shoes, and clothes, and we’re here to tell you about it all! Just remember: fashion is cyclical. So if your jaw drops because you can’t believe a certain trend is back in fashion, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Far and away the most popular trend across all of our camps this summer: Crocs. Yes, those Crocs! The mid-aughts least-favorite favorite shoe is back in a big—and totally un-ironic—way. We can’t defend it; the foot wants what the foot wants. 

Honestly though, the functionality of a Croc in a camp setting makes this foam footwear a remarkably smart choice! Technically close-toed, lightweight, and waterproof, Crocs prove their usefulness everywhere from the kitchen to the waterfront. Want to take this fashionable camp trend to the next level? Swap your heel straps with those of a friend, and transform your one-color shoes into a multi-colored fashion icon, something happening all across camp!

With or without socks or Jibbitz (both very popular at camp), as long as you’re rocking a pair of Crocs, you’ll be on-trend at Pine Cove!


But what if you’re not feeling ready to commit to diving into that Croc life? Can we interest you in something similar, like a waterproof rubber/foam Birkenstock? Another popular water-friendly shoe, these super on-trend sandals are popular all across camp—and even into the Pine Cove headquarters! Slip them on and you’re ready to head anywhere from the pool to the store.

“What are the trends for HAIR, though?” We hear you! And there are some excellent ones. First and foremost: hair tinsel, which is exactly what it sounds like. Girls (and guys!) will tie sparkly Christmas tree tinsel into their hair, where it will stay for days or weeks to give their look an extra pop! 


Another can’t-miss hair look this summer: scrunchies! In particular, anything that makes your scrunchie different or over the top, whether that be a scrunchie/scarf combo or a scrunchie decked out in faux-fur. You can also add a bandana to your ponytail to give your look a chic camp twist!

No matter the year, you know a wide variety of hats will be spotted at Pine Cove! This summer’s all about cowboy hats. Whether they come from Buc-ee’s or Cavender’s, grab a cowboy hat and you’ll find yourself right in the middle of one of this summer’s most popular trends. Not a big western fan? You can always go with a bucket hat instead—paired with a puka shell necklace, of course!




For our younger campers, summer wouldn’t be complete without some fun new must-have toys! If you’re a parent, we’re sure we won’t surprise you when we say that the most sought-after plaything of the summer is SLIME. As for popular toys you can buy in the Pine Cove store, the must-haves are moon balls, snakes, and swords. And the Ridge is trying to bring back Silly Bandz, so don’t be surprised if you see those making a comeback soon!


As always, funny t-shirts (especially ones featuring a giant animal face) are super popular, as are overalls, Love & Pineapple shirts, and Outdoor Voices shorts. You can’t go far at camp without running into a bunch of people wearing tees with horizontal stripes. Anything throwback (70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s fashions—chokers, anyone?) is definitely back, so if you have a flair for decades past, this is your time to shine!



It’s so fun to take a peek at what’s trendy at camp, but it’s certainly not the most important thing! Whether you have an animal shirt and a pair of Crocs or not, the most in-style thing you can do is come to camp and have an awesome time hanging with new friends, lifting each other up, and learning about the love of Jesus.

Posted Jul 30, 2019

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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