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Spiritual Growth – Podcast Season 1, Episode 2

by Jesse Garner


Pine Cove is all about Spiritual Growth! You might wonder: what does that even mean? In this episode, we will talk about what it looks like to grow in our faith and be made more like Jesus in our everyday life. We’ve got games, stories, and Truth to fill our time, so join us for loads of fun and great reminders that will encourage your faith to grow. 

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This episode is brought to you by the fruit of labors and joy known as sweat. What would Pine Cove be without sweat? Everything you do at Pine Cove is marked by sweat, and the presence of sweat reveals the presence of fun. So sweat is pleased to bring you a reminder of the sweat awaiting you this summer. Enjoy the dry while you can, because the moist moments of summer are right around the corner ready to greet you with “sweat.”


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Posted Apr 8, 2020

Jesse Garner

Sr. Director of Camper Engagement

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