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Staff Favorites: Games

by Valerie Morby


We’re going to roll the dice and guess that you could use some new game recommendations. Not only are they seriously fun, but board games and card games offer the perfect opportunity to connect for a few minutes with friends, family, or co-workers! We asked our full-time staffers what games they’ve been enjoying, and we had no clue they’d respond with such wide-ranging entertainment. Check out their suggestions below, then leave your recommendations in the comments—hey, we don’t have a monopoly on fun game ideas!

The Mind: Are you really on the same wavelength? The same page? Can you really finish each other’s… sandwiches? Find out if two (or more!) minds really can become one (and practice learning numbers if you’re young!) in The Mind. —Joe “Quatro” Dalton, Crier Creek 

Parks: This is a super fun worker placement game that takes you on a journey through the national parks! My wife Delaine and I love playing this game together but we also love playing it with friends. Oh, and if you want to play it by yourself—YOU CAN. It truly is a game for all people! Also, it’s always fun to play a game when it looks cool, and who doesn’t love little wooden animal meeples? —Justin “Pig Deal” Halferty, HQ

Nertz: I’m not very good at this game yet, but I love that it’s fast and brings out the crazy in people! It’s so fun to play with people you don’t know super well because it breaks down walls as you slam a 4 of hearts down and get yelled at by the person standing dejected with their hand slammed down on top of yours holding the same card. Maybe that’s just the people I play with… but hey, we love it! —Libby “Bananas” Pittman, HQ

Wits and Wagers: It’s a fun game that anyone can play with outlandish trivia questions that you guess the answer to and then bet on which answer is correct. It’s tons of fun! —JD “Rambus” Moore, Ranch


Cards Christians Like: This game is so simple but so hilarious. It’s all the fun of Apples to Apples while giving you a chance to laugh at all those silly nuances of Christian culture. To get the full humor of the game you’ll definitely want to play with ages high school and above, but it’s really good, clean, Christian fun (with an occasional side of sarcasm!). —Caroline “Rents” Reyes, HQ

Sushi Go: Fast paced, quick games, combination of strategy and luck, easy to learn. My leadership team has been enjoying Sushi Go during our meetings. —Tyler ‘Yoyo’ WIlhelm, Pine Cove City

Telephone Pictionary: We love this game at the Rado! Everyone writes a phrase at the beginning and you pass a little booklet around. The next person has to illustrate the phrase, and then the next guesses what phrase was illustrated. The circle continues until you have your original booklet back! Lots of twists and turns and a ton of laughs! —Annelise “Smilin” Morrison, Silverado

Exploding Kittens: This game is so much fun because at its core is impending doom for us all. Rather than play to win, you play to escape losing—or “exploding.” It’s full of excitement, and everything changes with the play of a card! —Luke “Thunder Up” McGrath, HQ

Spicy Uno: Like normal Uno but special rules according to the card/number you play! It is easy, intense, and exciting if you play with a group of friends or people you just met. —Faith “Tumbledore” Banford, HQ

Spicy Uno: It’s an iconic game with an added new twist! This game really makes you pay attention or you’ll wonder why everyone is looking at you while you’re still talking. —Breanne “Girl on Fire” Jacobs, HQ

Codenames Pictures: Been really enjoying the Codenames version that is pictures instead of words! —Conor “Flow” Barry, Towers

Posted Jul 20, 2021

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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