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Staff Profile: Claire “Kettle To The Metal” Wickersham

by Parker Shinsky


How long have you worked at Pine Cove and in what positions?

I started as a C.I.T. at Pine Cove City for team G. Then I worked three summers at the Timbers as a counselor, followed by a senior counselor, and then I was the Camper Care Director before I started on full time staff as the Timbers Women’s Director.

What college did you attend and what is your degree in?

I went to Baylor and my degree is in public relations and non-profit marketing.


What is your favorite camp trend this summer?

I got a Stanley cup this summer.

What color is your Stanley cup?

Bright pink!

What is your go to camp snack?

My favorite snack in general is popcorn, which is why my name is Kettle. Also, this past year our head cook was so awesome and she always ordered chocolate chips for us, so the leadership girls and I ate chocolate chips almost every day.


What does your ideal day off consist of?

Having a slow morning and getting to take my time in the Word and sleep in. Hanging out with my roommates is really fun.  I also love to go to the pool a lot and relax with some alone time to recharge. Getting to see friends and talking to family on the phone are things I love too.

What is the last trip or vacation you went on and with who?

Over Spring Break, my friends and I went to Florida.


What are your favorite stores to shop for your everyday camp apparel?

I get random clothes from thrift stores, and Old Navy always has great swimsuits for camp. I am a big Outdoor Voices girl and wear that a lot.

Who is one Pine Cove staffer whom you admire and why?

Dang, there are so many people that I could pick! I would say T.J. Connor is someone that really had a big impact on me when I was on summer staff. And now it’s fun to work together on full time staff. He impacted me being in ministry and I just really look up to him a lot.  He is a really creative leader and someone that really cares about people well, but he can also be light-hearted and have a lot of fun.

What are some of your favorite local spots in Tyler, Texas?

I have to say Fresh for sure, it’s always a favorite. I live in the Azalea District and so I love the downtown area and walking around Bergfeld Park.


What is one characteristic of God you are learning the most about right now?

I am learning a lot about the Lord’s sovereignty. He has been kind to show me that I have nothing to offer in and of myself.  I started this job the day after I graduated from college and so I was wanting to feel prepared and secure, but He has been teaching me that all I have to offer is the Gospel and the story of my salvation. I have learned that when I’m not feeling confident in what to do, I can be confident in God and what He is doing through me.

Posted Nov 2, 2022

Parker Shinsky

Communications Project Coordinator

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