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Staff Profile: Lindsey “Scroll, Tide, Scroll” Hindsman

by Jenny Sowers Rutland


Lindsey “Scroll, Tide, Scroll” Hindsman has been around the Central Texas region for many years. From those that know her, she is described as one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet! Learn about the various new things she has tried this summer, what she’s reading, and where she’s traveling next. We hope you enjoy getting to know the Outback camp’s  administrative director!


How long have you been working at Pine Cove and what is your current role?
I worked for five summers on summer staff starting in 2016 at the Outback when I was a cook and served on the chaos team. My second summer I was in charge of the chaos team. My third summer I moved over to the Ridge and was assistant work crew director and then the two-week Elevate program director. Then in 2020, I filled in for various roles, wherever was needed. Then I started on part-time staff while finishing up college before I began full-time staff in 2022. I currently serve as the administrative director at the Outback.

What college did you attend and what is your degree in?
The University of Alabama and I got a degree in marketing.


What is your favorite camp trend this summer?
I just jumped on it and got Crocs this week. Jibbitz-trading is a big thing and I bought the Jibbitz first, but I was told by the middle schoolers that I can’t have Jibbitz without the Crocs, so I bought Crocs. I have learned all about the real ones and the fake ones (laughs).

What color are your Crocs and what is your favorite Jibbitz?
The campers picked them out for me and told me I had to start with white, so I got white. My favorite Jibbitz charm is a Chick-Fil-A cup, and I like to say it’s my Dr Pepper because that’s my favorite drink.


What activities or meals does your ideal day off consist of?
I always typically go to two local coffee shops and meet with some other girls from this region. I always take at least one nap, if not two. I usually watch a movie. And right now I am working on a puzzle in my off time. I like some good queso and Mexican food for dinner. Sometimes with friends and sometimes by myself.

Do you know your Enneagram number? If so, what is it and what quality do you relate to the most?
I am a five. Fives are the observer and problem solvers. I would say I am very observant and I want to understand how things work. I am not your typical five bookworm, but I want to know how people work and the “why” behind things. I am observant and not as quick to talk, so camp has always stretched me in being more bubbly and outgoing. I am typically much more of an observer.


What is your favorite camp meal?
They have all been really good this summer! But my favorite is our Wednesday lunch, which is chicken quesadillas.

What books are you reading and what shows are you watching right now?
I am reading a book with the cooks and it’s “The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness.” I am also reading “The Holiness of God” and I am just reading that for funsies right now. I usually watch a show every night before bed. We don’t have wifi here, so I use DVD’s and go back and forth between New Girl, Parks and Rec, and The Office.


What is the next trip or vacation you will go on?
I am going back to Alabama to visit my family and we will probably go to Destin, Florida for a week. Some leadership girls and I are also trying to plan a trip to Disney World!

What color are your nails painted right now?
I am not typically a nail painter, but actually last week our camp nurse painted my nails for the first time ever! Each nail was a different color, and all pastels. I paint my toes, but had never painted my fingers before!


What is a characteristic of God you are learning the most about right now?
He is a provider who gives good gifts. In everything, seeing the Lord is good. He reveals Himself to us every day and He is living and active. Just seeing every day as a good gift He has given us. And giving us the strength, joy, and energy we need. I am learning that I have all that I need already.

Posted Aug 17, 2022

Jenny Sowers Rutland

Former Staff

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