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Staff Profile: Sharmaine “Barbie Scream House” Burton

by Jenny Sowers Rutland


Sharmaine “Barbie Scream House” Burton has spent her whole Pine Cove career investing her life in local churches through Pine Cove City. She is a people person and summer girl through and through. Enjoy learning some unique facts about City Team H’s Site Director!

How did you get your camp name?
I really loved Barbie growing up and I had everything that Barbie could possibly have. The car, the bus, and of course the dream house. I was all about Barbie. When I was in the seventh grade, I got the worst sore throat of my life and I went to bed early that night. We used to have this fake snake and my brother decided to put it on me while I was asleep that night. When I woke up and saw it, I screamed, but nothing would come out because I was sick!


How long have you been working at Pine Cove and in what positions?
I have been working for Pine Cove City since 2019. I was a counselor for the summers of 2019 and 2020. Then I was a senior counselor in 2021. And now I am the City Team H Site Director.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?
The community! Being able to make lifelong friendships and how you get to walk alongside people and watch as the Lord changes not only my heart but also their hearts is just the best part of the job.


What are your go-to road trip snacks and drinks?
I love donut sticks. It’s an actual stick of donut. Many people don’t know about them, but they are delicious. I also am a big fan of Celcius, Dr. Pepper, and Gatorade. If I have one of those, I am good to go!

What color are your nails painted right now?
I am literally going to get them done today! But I love going for light blue! I am currently getting an oil change for one of the camp vehicles and once I’m done here, I am going straight to the nail shop.


What is your favorite season and why?
I am a summer girl all the way. I love being by the pool when it’s hot outside. Or just being on a boat or swimming in the lake is just my favorite thing ever. I don’t get to do it much, but when I do, it’s a party! I love summer!

What is your favorite local place to go in the Atlanta area?
I found this new coffee shop called Valor and it’s really cute. I live outside of Atlanta and downtown Duluth is really fun and I like to go to the food trucks there.


What is one surprising fact about you?
I actually played violin for about six years all throughout middle school and high school.

What is one dream you have for your life?
I love hanging out with college students, and so if I could hang out with college students for the rest of my life, then that would be perfect!


What is one lesson God is teaching you right now?
Right now He’s teaching me a lot about how there are still things He is uprooting in me, and about identity and what it means to find it in Him and not in my job or in people. And He’s teaching me that as I learn what it looks like to spend time with Him, and get to know Him, and bank on His promises.

Posted Sep 14, 2022

Jenny Sowers Rutland

Former Staff

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