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Summer Trends for 2020

by Anna Birch

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As we wrap up the final week of camp, it’s fun to look back on what have been some of the trends this summer. Every year we notice there just seems to be a few things that are cool and we can’t quite put our finger on why, but it sure is fun to take note of what became popular among staffers and campers!

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Mustaches: Typically we require our male staff to be clean shaven, but with buffs this summer, we’ve allowed staff to have mustaches and/or beards during the week. Don’t worry—they’re still clean shaven by closing day! It’s still a bit surprising to see some facial hair on our male staff when they take their buffs down. 

insidethecove%2F2020_summer_trends_hair insidethecove%2F2020_summer_trends_hair_2

Beads, braids, and buns for girls: THE hairstyle for the ladies this year has been a combination of braids, double buns, and beads in the hair! It keeps you looking and feeling cool. Also, the Ridge made t-shirts that say “Camp Is For The Girls” which became quite popular!

“Ants in My Pants” song: It’s always fun to see which songs become popular at camp, and this year it’s clear that this song is a favorite across all of Pine Cove! From the Ranch to the Ridge, campers and staff just can’t get this song out of their heads! 

Bogg Bags: Family camp moms brought this trend to camp! These bags are stylish and very useful at camp—a must-have for pool time!

Dots pretzels: One of the most popular snacks this summer. You will just need to trust us on this and grab a bag of your own… they are seriously delicious!

insidethecove%2F2020_summer_trends_hat insidthecove%2F2020_summer_trends_hats_2 insidethecove%2F2020_summer_trends_hats_3

Flat bill hats and some of our new hats in the camp store: They are EVERYWHERE! And we can totally see why!

There were a few camp-specific trends that took off, and if you didn’t get the privilege of being at these camps, let us fill you in…

“Dirty Jagg” game at the Ranch: Think wall-ball meets the game “skittles.” This game caught on like wildfire! Director Caleb “Wheelin and Dealin” Carter brought it from his time at the Timbers years ago, and now the staff and campers at the Ranch are obsessed!

Explorienteering activity class at Silverado: This activity class became quite the epic adventure this summer! Watch this video to see what it’s all about!

Ridge staff eyebrow notch: One of the more wacky trends we saw this summer—we started noticing that quite a few staffers (especially at the Ridge) were putting notches in their eyebrows… definitely a fashion statement. Don’t worry—the hair grows back!


No matter the clothes worn, songs, or facial hair, we are so incredibly grateful for what the Lord has done at camp this summer. Ultimately, we’ve seen hearts and lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that is THE BEST “trend” we could ever see at camp because it doesn’t just last for a summer, but for eternity! 

Posted Aug 5, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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