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The Essence of Pine Cove

by Reed LivesayPosted Mar 9, 2018


As our 50th year in ministry began in 2017, we asked ourselves, “Who is Pine Cove today?” Throughout our 50 years, culture sure has changed, and while we always strive to be relevant, one thing remains steadfast… the life-saving truth of the Gospel.


Pine Cove is, and will remain, Christ-centered. Our commitment is to stay focused on Jesus by staying true to God’s Word. In everything we do at camp, we look for opportunities to proclaim the Gospel.

Whether it’s how we live or what we say we desire to display the impact of Christ’s sacrifice for us individually and as an organization. Pine Cove will not be distracted by specific topics but will be guided by our Statement of Faith, which is grounded in scripture.

The cornerstone of our organization is Christ’s life, death and resurrection, and we believe He continues to lead Pine Cove by His Spirit. Pine Cove will unapologetically live out our mission: Pine Cove exists to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory.


Pine Cove will continue in our pursuit of being Others-Focused. We believe this is exemplified to our campers through our staff. Therefore, it is critical to continue to train full-time, part-time, and summer staff to live out Philippians 2; striving to put others before ourselves.

We look to Christ as our example and submit to the power of the Holy Spirit to live this out. We remind all staff that “it’s not about me.” We live sacrificially by initiating service, unconditionally loving others and being eager to serve.


Pine Cove is not just fun, but Seriously Fun! We model Christ-likeness by exemplifying love, laughter, and pursuing connection with people. Serious fun is expressed at camp through games, skits, camp names, activities, meals, tournaments… anywhere possible. After all, we’re a camp!

However, what differentiates Pine Cove is our Spirit-led desire to utilize fun to break down barriers and connect with our campers quickly so that we have opportunities to share the Gospel. In being serious about fun, we will also be serious about safety.

Fun at camp is intentional and will provide a platform for staff to clearly live out the Gospel and communicate the love of Chrst to all who interact with any Pine Cove camp, program, or staff.


Who is Pine Cove? We are Christ-Centered, Others-Focused, and Seriously Fun! Thank you for taking this journey with us. We are excited about the next 50 years of ministry!

Reed Livesay

President and Chief Executive Officer

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