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Top 10 Schools

by Anna BirchPosted Sep 11, 2019

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Our summer staff knows that being unified is a big deal. During orientation, everyone learns various schools’ cheers as a reminder that we’re all on the same team. That being said, we do LOVE a good competition, and when the annual list of top ten staff schools comes out… well, let’s just say we get pretty excited! 

Here are the schools with the most staff across all regions in summer 2019. 

With our three regions continuing to grow, there’s no telling who will be on the list next year! No matter what school they go to, if you know an amazing college student that needs to work at camp, tell them to apply for summer 2020!

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Texas A&M



Texas Tech



Oklahoma State

Dallas Baptist


UT Austin

Anna Birch

Inside the Cove Coordinator

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