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Towers Construction Update

by Anna Birch

Towers cabin

Big things are happening at the Towers! We’re so excited to announce that there will be a LOT of remodeling happening in the next couple of years at our East Texas elementary camp. The project will take place in three different phases, with total completion anticipated by summer 2022. 

Here is a preview of what the future of the Towers will look like.

The front entry will be updated with a new play area. 


The Sea of Narnia (the lake) will be expanded and will have a new boardwalk. 


We are pumped about the addition of a second shallow pool that will accommodate more campers! 


Also expected in this phase of construction will be a new health center located closer to the dining hall, the addition of four more girls cabins, and added landscaping to make camp even more beautiful. We can’t wait to show it off! 

If you would like to know more about Towers renovations and how you can donate, go to  

Posted Sep 10, 2019

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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