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‘Twas the Night Before Winterfest

by Brent Bertolio


We’re so excited for Winterfest, we can’t be the only ones dreaming about it! In fact, here’s the story of two campers who just can’t wait to get to camp. It’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… Pine Cove style. We are proud to present “Twas the Night Before Winterfest”!

‘Twas the night before Winterfest, when all through the home

Campers lay sleeping, as still as a gnome.

Their trunks sat all packed in the light of the moon,

In hopes that the night would bring morning soon.


The campers were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of skit characters danced in their heads.

And dreams upon dreams of Winterfest fun

Made time move more quickly; the night over and done.


The youngest at eight was Towers-bound,

He loved singing carols, oh what a sound.

Excited to enter the camp full of cheers,

Watching the counselors and meeting new peers.


He dreamed of the staff preparing the camp,

Shining the zip lines and “bumping the lamp.”

He saw cooks baking cookies and cakes for the feast,

To feed all the campers all dressed in their fleece.


Next he saw wranglers preparing the barn,

Putting on saddles and blankets of yarn.

The horses, they loved to run and play games,

Until every wrangler called them by name:


“Here Pistol, here Phoenix, here Dusty and Clyde,

Come Woody and Holliday, away we will ride!

The campers are coming for trail rides galore,

We must get you ready, on your backs they will soar!”


And then like opening gifts on Christmas morn’

He smiled ear to ear at the sound of a horn.

One thing it could mean, so he jumped with delight

It was time for Club, to sing songs through the night.


Down the hall his sister slept sound in her bed,

Dreaming not of the Towers, but the Timbers instead.

As fast as The Flash the autumn flew by,

“I can’t wait for winter!” She thought with a sigh.


She dreamed of her counselor and old cabin-mates

Plus meeting new people and all that awaits.

Her cabin would laugh and have fun playing games

From Free Time to Club, oh the memories they’d frame!


These visions, though exciting, were only a dream,

But it won’t be long now till they arrive on the scene.

Greeted by staffers with cheers of delight,

Each exclaiming, “Welcome campers, it’s Winterfest night!”


Posted Dec 12, 2017

Brent Bertolio

Marketing Specialist

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