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What Would Your (Unofficial) Camp Name Be?

by Jenny Sowers Rutland


The questions for the name game range from silly to serious. Past to present to future. Sports to books. Favorite moments to least favorites. And pretty much anything else.

And the thing about it?

Whomever is being asked has absolutely no control. The audience does the asking and the naming.

How the Name Game goes down: The Name Game song is played over the speakers. One unsuspecting new staffer is called to the stage and handed a microphone. The two Name Game hosts ask basic questions (your name, your school, your major) and then open the floor to the audience—what do the people want to know?

The audience (staff) does the asking; the “namee” does the answering. Once someone in the crowd thinks they have a name, based on the information given by the “namee,” they must then do the not-so-easy task of “selling the name.”

Once again, all the power resides in the hands of the audience. Is the name clever enough? Does it fit all the information given? Is it good enough to be this person’s new camp identity? If the audience believes the name to be fitting [or not fitting], then they must react accordingly.

If the audience’s response is wild and crazy applause and cheering, then we have successfully named our newest member of Pine Cove staff! Beware of what’s on the other hand, however. Deep in the heart of every name seller is the fear of the ill-famed golf clap. Or worse… crickets.

If your name sells, then you have successfully gained the admiration of your friends and now have another person to call your “name baby,” since you have parented their name. If you receive the golf clap or crickets, you sit back down, and the game continues until someone sells a name warranting unanimous applause and agreement.

This is how we name at Pine Cove.

It’s fun; it’s intentional, and, at times downright hilarious.

With this said, reader, let’s play a little Name Game ourselves! Here’s how you can come up with your very own (unofficial) camp name at home.

[Disclaimer:  Loud applause and cheering may not be included.]


Posted Oct 30, 2018

Jenny Sowers Rutland

Former Staff

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