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Why I Love My Dad

by Anna Birch

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For our Father’s Day Giveaway, we asked you to tell us why you love your dad and think he is THE MAN… here are some of our favorite responses. 

Also, don’t forget there are still a few days left to enter! Fill out this form by June 20th and you could win your dad a Pine Cove coffee mug, Project 319 coffee, a leather notebook cover, a Vineyard Vines Pine Cove polo, a hat, and a t-shirt.

  • My Dad is the best role model in the world. I know that not everyone has a father and I am so lucky that God gave me him. Anytime I ask him to throw a baseball or football with me in the backyard, he always says yes no matter how tired he is. He never misses any of my games and supports me in everything I want to do. – August 
  • Last year my little sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and it changed all of our lives. My dad has worked so hard to help her get better and hopefully one day be in remission. He has worked tirelessly to get her the best doctors, even if they are on the other side of the country. The amount of hours of research and trips to other states is extensive but he is always willing to do what’s best for her, and me (making sure I get attention and love too). He ROCKS!!!! – Clara 
  • He leads, loves, and teaches well. He is my stepdad but has brought me in as his real daughter from day one. That is as close as a Heavenly Father’s love an earthly father could give. – Olivia 
  • My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting an uphill battle over the past few months. My dad has laid down his life to serve her and love her deeply through this journey. He has been by her side through every treatment, surgery, and doctor appointment. He has been cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with us kids to ensure my mom can completely rest throughout the day. He has been the hands and feet of Jesus to my mom and us the past few months, and I don’t know how I could ever thank him enough for his leadership, service, and sacrificial love. He is not perfect by any means, but in my world… he is the absolute best. – Whitney 
  • My dad brought my family and I to Pine Cove for 12 summers at the Woods! My fondest memory with him is from a Rite Nite in middle school when we made lanterns to release on the pond at the Woods. I talked to him about my middle school insecurities and he reminded me about who I was in Christ. His fatherly love displays the sweet love of my Father in heaven. – Mikayla 
  • When I met him at 7 years old, he treated me like I was his own from the beginning. My real father was never really around, but he was always there for me even before he legally became my dad. He’s helped me grow as a person and be confident in who I am. He leads by example in everything he does, especially his walk with Christ. He is the best man I know. – Jayden
  • My dad quarantined from the rest of our family during the coronavirus outbreak for 78 days because he is a doctor and continued to work throughout this spring. Although it likely was lonely and hard, he sacrificed to keep us safe and healthy. – Abbey 
  • My dad is the BEST because he has sacrificed so much for my sisters and me. When my parents found out about Pine Cove, they knew we had to go. Even though camp is very expensive, he knew the eternal impact that a week of camp brought to his daughters. He worked harder than ever and budgeted every year to be able to send all three of us to camp. It was just as important as paying the bills to him. To this day, he still cries thinking about the conversations we would have with him about the Gospel after leaving camp. And years later, two of us are working as counselors at the Pine Cove Towers where our walk with Christ began. He has continued to be a light in our family, encouraging us to remain faithful and showing all of us a sacrificial love that goes beyond anything we have ever deserved. Being led by a father like my dad has shaped my eagerness to rely deeply on the Lord and crave the incomparable compassion, sacrifice, and love Jesus has shown me through the cross. – Sydney
  • As a single dad raising a teenage girl, there’s a lot of unknown territory that comes with it, but he’s done more than I could ever ask. He only thinks of my future and selflessly gives me anything I need to achieve everything I want. – Catalina
  • My dad is dedicated. He is one of the most caring men I’ve ever known and he reflects that in everything he does. He is an ER nurse practitioner and the way he has served throughout COVID-19 astonishes me. He is a loving husband and an amazing father who does the most always. He does things “the Cooper way” (as we say in our house) and he is extremely loyal to all the relationships he forms with others. He is intentional and yearns to know people better and that is just the surface of what makes him the best. – Rylee

Posted Jun 17, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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