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Why We Do the Gauntlet

by Hannah Middleton

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If you’re a newcomer to Pine Cove, you might not understand the title of this post. However, our hope is that through the explanation of the gauntlet, you would come to better understand our reasoning behind why we do what we do here at Pine Cove.

To start things off, the gauntlet is the avenue we use to welcome our campers and their families when they enter our gates. The staff line up on either side of the road and cheer for every car that drives through, and it is our desire that everyone that comes into camp feels loved and valued through the excitement shown to them as they arrive.


To newcomers, it can be a bit overwhelming, but there are several reasons why we do it:

Unity: As a staff, when we work hard and sweat together, we experience a bond like no other. Some of my closest friends come from Pine Cove. It’s not because we have a lot of time to get to know each other, but when you serve alongside other college students to further God’s kingdom, friendship arises. Although the gauntlet can be tiring, it goes by fast when you have the support and encouragement of the friends you have made.

Exercise: Now this is the funny one but let’s be real, summer is the time to get in shape, so everyone could use a little jumping to get those muscles intact! And with your posse of camp counselors by your side, you have just the right team to cheer you on in your endeavors. It’s like a group Zumba workout with running and cheers involved!

The Gospel: On a more serious note, the reason Pine Cove exists is to proclaim the gospel to everyone who enters our gates, and that includes parents. As we run to welcome campers and their families, our goal is to proclaim to them that they are important and loved, not just by us as a staff but by a God who loves them so much more! If Christ chose to love us while we were still sinners, how much more should we love and welcome the people we get to minister to in His name!

So I hope this description of the gauntlet allows you to better understand the reasoning behind everything we do. It is our desire that anyone who enters our gates at Pine Cove to see Jesus in the way we do things and love the people here.


Posted Jun 27, 2014

Hannah Middleton

Former Summer Staff

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