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2019 Camper Bands

by Chelsea Connor

Pine Cove is unique in many ways, but here’s something that really sets us apart: the awesome CampLife app and the camper bands that go with it! Giving out bands is a Sunday night staple around here.

Ready to see this year’s bands? They feature a brand-new design, and are now seamless all the way around. No tails! We love the bright colors and expect to see these getting worn much longer than one week at camp.

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With top-of-the-line technology, our summer media teams scan a camper’s band after snapping a photo of that camper. The picture is automatically “tagged” to camper X, then that camper’s parent gets to see the tagged picture (via notification) in the CampLife app on their phone! It’s a great way for parents to feel connected to what’s going on at camp that week, and to see if that theme night costume actually made it out of the trunk this year. (Gotta love 6th grade boys, right?)


We still publish full photo galleries from every day (also accessible through the app), but the tagged photos make it quick and easy for a parent to see their child at camp!

Another awesome bonus of the camper bands is they are used for the camp store money at overnight camp. Campers can simply scan their band at the store to pay for that beloved Dibs and Dr. Pepper combo. Brilliant!

Want to know more about the heart behind the app? Check out our cool CampLife app video:

We can’t wait for campers to wear these new bands this summer!

Posted Mar 20, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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