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Author: Chelsea Connor

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Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

Chelsea, or "Hive Impact," served as a Pine Cove staffer for many years, mostly at the Towers, then in Marketing and with Inside the Cove. She studied Communication at Texas A&M. She and her husband TJ "Philly" Connor have two children, Nash and Hadley.

Project 319 Coffee

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jul 23, 2019


Your morning coffee just got even more awesome! Pine Cove partnered with a local coffee roaster in East Texas to bring you our very own blend of Project 319 coffee. We’re currently selling this delicious coffee in our camp stores and online in our webstore. The best part? A portion from every bag of coffee […]

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Camp in the City Barbershop

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jul 16, 2019

Camp in the City Barbershop

A few Instagram posts from a barber in Indiana recently caught our eye. After doing a little digging, we discovered Todd Burnett (known as @thefoxbarber on Instagram), is a family friend of Trevor “Bonko” Mullikin. Bonko is the site director for Camp in the City Team Delta.  Todd’s daughter Lillie or “Cheese Fitz” is a […]

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Camper Quotes

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jun 26, 2019


“Camper Share” is a long-held tradition at Pine Cove. On Fridays across most of our camps, including Camp in the City, campers have a chance to take the microphone and share what God taught them during their time at camp. Elementary-aged campers naturally share things a little different than high school campers, but we love […]

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More Fun Camp Names

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jun 26, 2019


We’re always impressed by the embarrassing moments, the creativity, and the puns that make camp names possible. For example, “This Squirrel is on Fire” is a perfect mix for a great name. He had a pet squirrel in college (!), and he once accidentally set his front yard on fire. The list of new names […]

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Woods Construction Updates

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jun 11, 2019


If you’ve been following along, you remember when we first showed some construction update photos in this blog and then more recent ones here. Well here we are, in Summer 2019, and look how amazing these completed projects are! Let’s start with Azalea, shall we? Yes, those are two-bedroom suites for families, and yes, those […]

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Camp in the City Bible Study Preview 2019

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 28, 2019


One of the highlights of Camp in the City is the daily Bible study. Each cabin group gets to sit with their counselor and talk through the day’s lesson. This year’s study is titled “Rain or Shine,” and campers will get to go through several stories in the Bible together. Just like the weather can […]

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Orientation 2019

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 21, 2019


This week of staff orientation has been awesome! It just feels so right having all of our staff back at camp again. There’s a lot of training that happens this week, including going through the Pine Cove Way (our staff handbook), learning how to run an activity class, studying up on the cabin Bible study, […]

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We Love These Camp Names

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 15, 2019


Pine Cove has a lot of awesome traditions, but arguably the best is the Name Game. Nothing says “welcome to the culture” like getting up on stage in front of a hundred or so near-strangers and spilling your most embarrassing moments within a few days of arriving at camp! Every staffer enters the Name Game […]

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New Pine Cove Gear

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 23, 2019


Since we specialize in summer camp, we are partial to a good summer accessory. Give us a cool and comfy T-shirt, a well-designed water bottle, and a stylish hat, and we are happy campers! Every summer, campers and staffers alike line up at the camp store during free time, on the forever search for the […]

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Staff Profile: Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 22, 2019


Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter is the new camp director at the Ranch in East Texas, and we are thrilled to have him back at Pine Cove! He has been in his fair share of skits from his summer staff days (this one is an all-time favorite), and everyone at the Ranch will be blessed […]

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