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Author: Chelsea Connor

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Chelsea Connor

Marketing Coordinator

Chelsea, or "Hive Impact" has been around Pine Cove on and off since the summer of 2006, mostly at the Towers, and recently working in our Marketing department. She studied Communication at Texas A&M, and when not in the office, you can usually find her drinking coffee or playing board games with her husband TJ "Philly" Connor.

When our favorite Reggie retires

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jan 15, 2018


Pat “Sew Train” Phillips has worked at Pine Cove in our Registration department for over twenty years. Last Friday was her last day before retiring, and we miss her already! Around Pine Cove, we affectionately refer to our registration team as “Reggies,” and they are the smiling faces behind any phone call to our main […]

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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jan 10, 2018


We asked some of our full-time staff for their goals and resolutions they made for 2018, and it was inspiring! Sometimes our culture tells us that New Year’s Resolutions have to be huge life changes or weight-loss goals only, but even making one small intentional change per year can have a huge impact in the […]

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Stories from Commission Camping

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jan 9, 2018


We have 78 Pine Cove staff members doing camp ministry throughout Latin America this week, and there are some awesome stories to share! One of our favorite things is keeping up with each mission trip through their blogs, and you can follow along too! Here are some excerpts of the fun and life-change happening in five […]

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Ridge Construction Updates

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Dec 19, 2017


Pine Cove Ridge is opening up Summer 2018, and we can’t wait! We have been praying for this camp specifically for many years, and it has been really exciting to see it coming into existence in the past few months. High schoolers in Central Texas have been eager for a camp to call their own, […]

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Bible Reading Plans

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Dec 19, 2017


Most people are thinking through goals for 2018 now that it’s January, so it is also a popular time to think through a Bible reading plan for the year. No matter what type of plan you use, the most important part is making it a priority to get into the Word of God every day! […]

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Winterfest Recap

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Dec 19, 2017


Winterfest was last weekend, and it was a blast! Across all of our youth camps, we had over a thousand campers come to camp. Some were experiencing Pine Cove for the very first time, and others got to reunite with some cabin-mates and counselors from the summer. Being at camp in the winter is always […]

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Celebrating Christmas Twice a Year!

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Dec 4, 2017


If you’ve ever been at camp on or around July 25th, you know it’s no average summer day. It’s Christmas in July! Since this day only falls once a summer, and usually on week 8 or week 9, we know there’s quite a few of you who have never experienced it. Here’s the thing—Christmas is […]

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Our favorite Christmas songs and why we love them

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Nov 28, 2017

We really love Christmas music around Pine Cove, so we wanted to share our favorite tunes with you! We asked our resident staff to tell us their favorite songs and why they love them. Then of course we made two playlists on Spotify. There’s an upbeat playlist for tree decorating, making Christmas cookies, and more, […]

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Who Knew? A St. Patricks Day Surprise

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Mar 17, 2016

Sunset on the dock at the Shores

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate today and call it “St. Patrick’s Day?” Believe it or not, there is way more to the story than wearing green head to toe and searching for the perfect four-leaf clover. Saint Patrick was an actual person, and his life is fascinating. Born in Britain, he was kidnapped […]

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by Chelsea ConnorPosted Sep 25, 2012

Apply banner

You’ve seen it on the T-shirts, on the facebook graphics, even on the website. When I first noticed our “APPLY” theme, I was a little bit confused. Shouldn’t those shirts say more about Pine Cove? Don’t we want to promote actually working at the towers/timbers/shores/outback/ranch/silverado/base camps/camp in the city… It really is a lot of […]

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