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2019 Pine Cove Gift Guide

by Pine Cove

Christmas present

Are you curious what gifts our summer and full-time staff are most excited to give and receive this year? Look no further! We put together several options in hopes of helping you find juuust the right thing for those hard-to-shop-for loved ones. Enjoy scrolling through these fun ideas!



1. Carhartt Beanies
Cozy, hip, and cool—with plenty of different style options—you can bet that more than a few counselors will be sporting these at Winterfest.

2. Scrunchies
Answers to your questions: 1) Yes, they’re back. 2) No, you can’t have too many. 3) Yes, the furry ones, velvet ones, and the ones with scarves attached are ALL “in.”

3. Pine Cove Terry Mock Neck Crew Sweatshirt
Brand new and already an instant fave, this super soft and super trendy sweatshirt is the perfect winter wear that any Christmas elf would love!

4. Pearl Hair Clips
An easy way to dress up any outfit, our female Forge students are all about these popular, pearly barrettes.

5. Christmas Jammies
You may already have new holiday pajamas on your shopping list, but we’ve just got to make sure you know about these charming, high-quality ones from Hanna Anderson!

6. Outdoor Voices Shoes
As we were compiling gift ideas, two suggestions came up again and again: Outdoor Voices, and SHOES. Here we have the best of both worlds, in a combination no one will want to miss out on!


1. In His Image
A lot of our leadership girls read this one. Fall in love with the character of God all over again!

2. Bible Project Coffee Table Book
If you’ve ever watched the Bible Project videos, this book has each of the posters from the books of the Bible series! It’s also HUGE.

3. Audible Membership
Have a reader who would rather be read TO? Get them an Audible membership so they can listen (uhh read?) on-the-go!

4. Hosanna Bibles
These brand new additions to the camp store are sure to be a hit—we just can’t stop staring at them!

5. New Morning Mercies
A beautifully bound and beautifully written devotional that will kick-start your New Year reading plan! 


1. Tassel Garland
Your wall will be the chic-est one around with the addition of a fun, simple tassel garland. You can find plenty on Etsy, or we like this one from Pottery Barn!

2. Swedish Dish Towels
Can a dish towel change your life? Not at all—but these come close! Durable, machine-washable, and 100% adorable, these dish towels are an environmentally-friendly WIN.

3. Weighted Blanket
Known for relieving stress and soothing sore muscles, a weighted blanket is the perfect gift for anyone on your list—especially if they’ve just been through finals week!

4. Vintage Pennant
Whether they’re hanging in a dorm room or an office, a vintage pennant is the ideal way to show your pride for your school, state, or team!

5. Manready Mercantile Candle
A candle made for guys that DOESN’T smell like a campfire? Sign us up. These soy candles are good-smelling AND dude-friendly, no firewood involved.


1. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription
Great coffee delivered straight to your door! The best part? You can specify how much you need as well as what blend you want!

2. Airfryer
Best. Fries. Ever. We’re pretty convinced you could put any food item in an airfryer and it would come out tasting yummy (okay we’re exaggerating… a little)!

3. Enneagram Mugs
We love talking about the Enneagram around here, and we think “Ennea-one” would love repping their number with these cute mugs! Or these!

4. Scandinavian Swimmer Gummies from Trader Joe’s
Some of our staff think these could be the best gummies ever… see if you agree! Great for a stocking stuffer or for anyone with a sweet-tooth!

5. Aviator Mug from Loyal Stricklin
A manly mug that is ready for any adventure! Looks great and that lid will keep even the  busiest coffee-drinkers from spilling!

6. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Cookbook
Need a gift for someone who made a ton of mac ‘n’ cheese in their dorm this year? This book teaches the basics of cooking AND has a Netflix series to back it up! 

1. Aggravation Board Game
It might not sound like it, but this game brings families together for some major fun… and competition! A staff favorite for the past few years, it can cause your family gathering to get rowdy! 

2. Pass The Pigs
Tossing tiny pigs into the air—we guarantee this family camp classic will cause everyone to squeal for joy!

3. Zip Chips
It might be the size of a deck of cards, but it brings a massive amount of fun! Grab this gift for the sporty one on your list. 

4. Portable Waterproof Speaker
For those singing in the shower or listening to a podcast poolside—this Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof! 

5. Kids Explorer Kit
We all know the wilderness must be explored (caw! caw!). Equip the adventurous kiddo in your life with a fun explorer kit they’ll spend hours using outside. (The binoculars ALONE will be a huge hit!)

1. Rock Climbing Membership
Climbing? Climb on. Gifting? Gift ON. If you’ve got a rock climbing gym in your neck of the woods, this fun and camp-y activity would be a surefire way to stay on the nice list.

2. Science Museum Membership
Hard to find? Kid-friendly indoor activities for when the temps are pushing 100. Not hard to find? Passes to a local science museum to gift to anyone with young kids! They’ll be your biggest fan.

3. Football Tickets
Whether at the college or professional level, gifting the experience of a football game to the sports fan in your life is a solid win. Clear eyes, full hearts, definitely can’t lose.

4. Babysitting for Date Night
We’ve got two words for the best Christmas gift for young parents: Free. Babysitting. Mom and Dad get an evening to themselves, and you get to teach Pine Cove cheers to a new generation!

5. Six Flags Monthly Membership
Unlimited trips to Six Flags for a flat rate? Yes please! This out-of-the-box present is perfect for any thrill-seeker on your list.

Posted Dec 4, 2019

Pine Cove

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