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2018 Pine Cove Gift Guide

by Pine CovePosted Dec 5, 2018


Let’s be honest: Christmas shopping can be difficult, and sometimes coming up with an idea is half the battle! To help you out, we put together a list of suggestions that includes camp counselor favorites, full-time staff recommendations—and some local picks from one of our regions too, because we couldn’t leave our favorite cookies off […]

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Bluffs Construction Update

by Pine CovePosted May 16, 2018


We’ve been working hard to complete our renovations at the Bluffs, and we can’t wait for you to see all the improvements!  As many of you know, The Point was completed in time for Summer 2016.  What an amazing view of Lake Palestine from the Coffee Shop and back porch area!  For the summer of 2017, […]

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Ridge Construction Update

by Pine CovePosted May 16, 2018

New cabins at the Ridge

Summer is almost here, and we’re so excited about the opening of the Ridge! It’s almost complete, and we can’t wait for campers to experience it in less than two weeks!  Check out these amazing photos and a fun video from the Ridge to view our progress.

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Your In-Depth Guide to Medication at Overnight Youth Camp

by Pine CovePosted May 8, 2018


Pine Cove is dedicated to being a Christ-Centered, Others-Focused and Seriously Fun ministry. We are also serious about camper safety. For over 50 years, our campers’ health and safety has been our top priority while they are here on our property. So we can continue to maintain the highest quality nursing care and camper safety, […]

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Pine Cove Glossary

by Pine CovePosted Nov 16, 2017


Pine Cove has a distinct lingo that leaves first-time family campers on Sunday nights staring, mouths agape, wondering what strange world they just entered. It’s true, there are some words around camp in need of definitions. Summer staffers learn the difference between a watermelon and a watermelon pretty quick during staff orientation, but for the […]

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Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

by Pine CovePosted Nov 14, 2017


Even if you have not been a camper or staffer at Crier Creek in Columbus, you have probably at least heard of the legendary Mama Mia’s hospitality and delicious cooking skills. Vikki “Mama Mia” George served as the Food Service Director for our Central Texas camps for several years. Her food was so good, in […]

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The New Slick Track

by Pine CovePosted Nov 14, 2017

High school campers consistently say they love coming back to Pine Cove for a few main things: to hang out with Pine Cove counselors, to unplug from technology and peer pressure back home, to grow in their relationship with Christ, and to have FUN. We added the slick track to our high school camps for […]

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The Hub Gets a New Office

by Pine CovePosted Nov 7, 2017


You might be asking yourself, “Self? What’s a ‘Hub?’” Excellent question. The Hub is the office of Pine Cove’s headquarters, known in the past as “the Main Office.” So, who works at the Hub? Everyone in the Hub works hard to serve all of our camp regions. Some of the people in the Hub include […]

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Famous Pine Cove Skit Characters from the Past

by Pine CovePosted Oct 24, 2017


Guitarzan Then: (1975)There are surely many early Pine Covers that remember Guitarzan’s strumming antics and yodels you could hear a mile away! Now: No one is exactly sure what happened to Guitarzan, but we did uncover a huge surprise! Starting from a fluke shipment of recordings to The Netherlands in ‘79, his debut album became […]

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Pine Cove’s Trail Ride Bacon Recipe

by Pine CovePosted Oct 24, 2017


Pine Cove’s famous “Trail Ride Bacon” became a staple of the family camp Trail Ride Breakfast in the mid-1970s when Kathy Arnold, the wife of Head Wrangler Dan Arnold, brought this recipe with her from California. It is still a time-honored tradition and a staple of the breakfast trail ride. Now it can be a staple in […]

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