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2019 Youth Camp Bible Study Preview

by Chelsea Connor


Summer is inching closer, and while we can’t wait for the big splash competitions in the pool, getting to wear our awesome theme night costumes, and seeing the crazy skits at lunch, one of our favorite parts of camp is cabin Bible study time! It’s a unique time for campers to sit with their counselor and cabin mates and read God’s Word together and discuss how to apply it to their own lives.

Here’s what a few of our camps will be studying this summer:


This year’s theme is JOY. The Ridge will be studying the book of Philippians, looking at the amazing letter Paul wrote from prison. While Paul was in prison, his joyful perspective even in the midst of suffering is incredibly helpful for all those wanting to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord. When we asked Michelangelo what he hoped campers would get out of the Bible study this summer, he said for them to “know and remember their hope in Christ from their darkest hour to their brightest day!”


In 2018, the Shores studied through the Sermon on the Mount. Fish Face explains, “This was Jesus’ first public sermon, his ‘State of the Union address’ – announcing that a new King is here and a new Kingdom is now available to everyone. This coming summer we are going to dig deep into what is called The Upper Room Discourse in John 13-17. This is Jesus’ last will and testament, but only to His remaining disciples – a private discussion, teaching, and prayer. During this time, just a day before He is led to the cross, Jesus gives us the key to life…”

This summer’s theme at the Shores is REMAIN, which comes from John 15:1-11. Jesus tells us to remain or abide in Him, and He will remain in us. The key to a life of faith is to remain.

Fish Face is excited to dig into this study with campers this year, and went on to say, “our greatest hope is that high schoolers would know that the Shores is a place and a people to encounter God’s true intention for Life. As Jesus comes to the very last days of His physical life on earth, He takes His boys up to a private room in a friend’s house for one last intimate time together. He washes their feet and tells them to do this for each other, dismisses Judas to betray Him, teaches them about what lies ahead for them, promises the Helper to them, tells them to abide in Him, and prays for them and all believers.”


This year’s Bible study at the Timbers focuses on one question: Who IS Jesus? People have been asking this question about Jesus for centuries. In fact, even people who heard of Jesus during His time on earth asked this question. In Luke 9:18-20, Jesus asked His followers, “Who does the public say that I am?” Not surprisingly, Jesus got a wide range of answers.

Jesus was most interested in what His followers thought, so He next asked, “But who do you say that I am?”

Philly is excited for campers to study this together, and he says, “This may be one of the most important questions we will have to answer. The answer to that question makes all the difference. Knowing who Jesus is, believing in Him, trusting Him, and choosing to follow Him will change everything!”


This summer the Towers will be studying the Armor of God from Ephesians 6. This passage is a jam-packed word picture that kids easily understand and can have a lot of fun with. Verses 10 – 20 of Ephesians 6 encourage and inspire followers of Christ to stand firm on His promises. Get Smart explains, “Our hope as a staff team is that campers would feel drawn to give their lives to God and take heart knowing that He has armed us to take on all things.”


We can’t wait for campers to get to study this together this summer!

Posted Apr 2, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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