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2022 Favorite Quote Round Up

by Pine Cove


One of our favorite things about summer is getting a front-row seat to all God has in store for His people through their time at camp. From youth campers to family campers and our very own staff, God has been using Pine Cove to transform lives for His purposes and His glory! Some of these campers and staffers have shared their stories with us and we couldn’t wait to share them all with you.

“Before I came to Pine Cove, I had a hard time understanding how you give your life to someone you can’t see. But I learned I can trust in the Lord, and He gives us life and mercy for everything we do. He is worth it to give it all up.” —Youth Camper

“We love the excitement about Jesus, prayer, and Bible study that the staff constantly convey to campers, and when coupling that with family devos, as well as conversations and community with other believers, we can’t help but draw close to Jesus. Our prayer is that we all shift and carry that excitement through the year.” —Family Camp Parent

“Seeing the Lord work through so many people in one area this week was so overwhelming. For the first time in a while I’ve felt such a sense of joy. I’m thankful to have so many people here that love me and support me. I can see Christ radiating through everyone in this room.” —Youth Camper

“I had a camper who didn’t want the Gospel, he only came to camp because a friend was here. The next day, he woke up and said that he wanted to have a conversation but he still didn’t want the Lord. On Friday night, I was praying for him with other staffers, and Saturday morning, before he left, he accepted Christ.” —Staffer

“Before I came this week I was really pouring into the things of the world and looking for the approval of others. I was nervous to go into high school and be influenced by that. But this week I learned that I have the approval of the Lord and He is the only one who counts.” —Youth Camper

“In my son’s own words: ‘My faith in Jesus skyrocketed this week!’ He believes God’s truths for him and is constantly looking for ways to apply them in his everyday life. You can’t imagine what this means to a parent – thank you, God and thank you, Pine Cove!” —Camper Parent

“During one of my hang times, I was sharing the Gospel with a camper and he started to weep. I asked what was wrong and he looked at me and asked, “Does God really love me?” It was such a cool moment to get to weep with my camper and share with him the love that God has for us.” —Staffer

“My whole life I’ve tried to accomplish everything on my own and I thought I would eventually be satisfied, but I never have been. I learned this week that I can only be satisfied if I give these things up to God.” —Youth Camper

“All these things that are happening is not because camp is great, but because God is great. Let’s leave here and let this extend outside of this place.” —Youth Camper

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! To God be the glory! Amen.

Posted Jul 26, 2022

Pine Cove

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