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2022 Pine Cove Gift Guide

by Pine Cove


We are ringing in the most wonderful time of the year with our fifth annual Gift Guide! Our elves have been hard at work all year long checking out the trends so that whoever you’re buying a gift for this year is as happy as Santa Claus with cookies when they unwrap it. Whether you’re shopping for your kiddos, your grandparents, or your dad who seems to have everything he could want, we’ve gotcha covered in every category.


1. On Cloud Shoes
What’s better than walking on sunshine? Walking on clouds! Many of our summer staffers sported On Clouds at camp this summer—we bet you saw a few on opening day! More important than being trendy: these shoes are durable, breathable, and comfortable. 

2. Half-Zip Sherpa Sweatshirt
We have no doubt that half-zip sweatshirts will be everywhere at Winterfest! Soft and snuggly—especially if you go for the sherpa variety, like this two-tone one or this cozy hooded option!

3. Pine Cove Rope Tree Hat
A Pine Cove hat always makes a great gift! This year, we recommend our popular mustard-colored hat! Featuring an embroidered pine tree design and cool rope details, you won’t go wrong gifting this hat to any friend or family member on Christmas.

4. Belt Bag
Hop on the fanny pack train because they’re back in style and more sleek than ever! The Lululemon Belt Bags are seemingly everywhere right now—just not always in stock. Instead, we recommend slipping this super cute dupe under the tree for the on-the-go guy or girl in your life!

5. Bombas Gripper Slippers
What’s the coziest footwear: socks or slippers? These Bombas Gripper Slippers mean you don’t have to choose! The tiny person in your life is going to love keeping their feet toasty warm in these seriously fun slipper socks. Bonus: the special “grippers” on the bottom mean less slipping on hard floors! Double bonus: they come in adult sizes too! Triple bonus: for every item you purchase, Bombas donates one to folks in need.


1. Liturgies for Hope
Pine Cove staff alum Elizabeth “Socks” Moore and her co-author Audrey Elledge penned a full book of beautiful liturgies that apply to every corner of life. “Liturgies for Hope: Sixty Prayers for the Highs, the Lows, and Everything in Between” offers sweet prayers and meditations on everything from feeling burned-out and soul-weary to bursting with thanksgiving. We recommend ordering multiple copies—you’ll want to give one to everyone you know!

2. Field Notes
Know someone who likes to be able to make notes or record experiences on the go? Check out Field Notes, light and compact notebooks that are easily slipped into a pocket or small bag. They have understated options like the original Kraft, or you can opt for the National Park or Hatch Show Print versions!

3. “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Short but impactful, “Life Together” offers practical advice and rich insight on the Body of Christ. Many of our Forge students and full-time staffers have soaked up the wisdom found in this book, and we think it would make an amazing gift for anyone seeking to learn more about living in Christian community!

4. Joy Creative Shop Stationery
This personalized paper line includes note cards, thank you notes, to-do lists, and more! This colorful stationery would make a great gift for moms, Pine Cove staffers (maybe even with their camp names?) or teenage girls who might want to write notes to their friends or cabin mates!

5. Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It!
Teaching your young ones Scripture could be the most beneficial gift to give! Enjoy this book which helps your child (and even you as you join in) interact with Scripture. Hide Truth in your heart as you “Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It!” (Fun bonus: the author is Pine Cove staff alum Hunter “Santa Paws” Beless!)

6. Blind Date with a Book
Putting together a “blind date with a book” is a cool opportunity to get creative and customize a gift for your loved one. Step one: buy a few books you think the recipient will like. Step two: wrap them up individually so their covers are hidden. Step three: write a short description on the front of each book. You’re done! Now your gift recipient will be able to look forward to a “blind date” with a book the next time they’re ready to read, and can pick from the selection you gifted them. 


1. Hanging Hammock Chair
Stop by any camp during free time and you’re sure to see some campers hangin’ in a hammock! Now get that vibe in your living room. This hanging hammock chair is perfect for elevating any space by making it seriously fun and seriously cozy! 

2. Solo Stove
Gather ‘round the campfire, but this time, do it without the smoke! A small fireplace on the table top, a bigger one in the backyard, or a portable one to take camping—Solo Stove has everything and more to keep the whole family warm this winter. 

3. Woodwick candle
The only thing better than the aroma of a great candle? Getting to hear it too! Woodwick candles have all of your favorite scents to keep your home smelling holly and jolly this season while you cozy up to the sound of a crackling fire. 

4. Retro National Parks Posters
Bring the great outdoors into your home with these Retro National Parks Posters! Perfect for the avid or aspiring camper in your life.

5. Rooted and Grounded Customizable Canvas Banner
Keep your home Christ-centered by dressing your walls with decor that is never going out of style! These canvas banners are oh-so-trendy and perfect for your favorite Scripture or custom phrase—a gift that truly keeps on giving.


1. Yeti 35 oz Cup
Meet your new favorite on-the-go drinkware! This new cup from Yeti can house 35 ounces of your favorite beverage. From long days in the sun to road trips over the holidays, this cup can hold anything from your camp favorite, Peace Tea, to water! 

2. Fellow Carter Move Travel Mug
Need a mug that looks sleek, professional, and fits in your car’s cup holder? We’ve got you covered! Not a coffee connoisseur? That’s okay! This mug by Fellow works great for tea or any other hot beverage. Coming in over ten colors, the best feature is the splash guard that protects from just about any spill while on the go.

3. Gummy Club
Every so often at the Pine Cove headquarters, several staffers gather to try different types of gummy candy from around the world! We get ours from World Market, but you can find fun variety packs of gummies on Etsy and Amazon. It’s a delicious gift and a seriously fun activity in one!

4. Pine Cove Simple Modern Water Bottle
From campers to staffers, this water bottle is a popular choice! Who doesn’t love a classic camp trend?  With a variety of colors to choose from—mom, dad, and the kids can rep Pine Cove all year long while staying hydrated. 

5. Hot Dog Toaster
Yep, you read that right: a hot dog toaster. Coming in a vibrant ‘retro red’ color, this toaster will supply a great Saturday lunch and look stylish on your kitchen counter! In just a couple minutes you can have two hot dogs ready to go at the click of a button. What more can you ask for?


1. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
It’s silly, it’s loud, and it’s seriously fun—no wonder Pine Cove people love this game! Kids absolutely love playing Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, but we know any and all ages will get a kick out of this quick and crazy game. 

2. Do you Really Know Your Family?
“Fun for the whole family” is a phrase that rarely lives up to its promise, but we know your entire family will have a blast playing this game! With “Do You Really Know Your Family?,” everyone gets to take turns answering family trivia questions and trying their hand at silly challenges like “Pick a dance move for everyone else to perform!” 

3. KiwiCo Kit
We are big fans of KiwiCo! This seriously fun company offers subscription boxes for a wide variety of ages and interests. So whether you’re buying for a toddler or a pre-teen, and whether they’re into art, science, cooking, or something else, you’re sure to find the perfect box!

4. MakeDo
When the gift exchange ends, you’re sure to be left with a big stack of cardboard boxes. Don’t throw them away! With MakeDo construction kits and a few of those extra boxes, you can create anything your imagination allows. These kits are filled with easy-to-use mini-tools and connectors that will help your kids build forts, butterfly wings, rocket ships, and more in no time!

5. Molkky
Take game play outside with Molkky! This Finnish throwing game (yes, really) is part bowling, part corn hole, and 100% fun. Everyone takes turns lobbing a wooden pin at a group of numbered pins on the ground, and with a little bit of strategy and precision, you’ll beat your competitors in no time! 

6. Parks or Trails Board Game
Journey through the National Parks with one of our favorite board games: Parks! The beautiful full-color illustrations make you feel like you’re actually out hiking your way through nature, and it can be played with up to five people (or just one, if you prefer a solo round!). The same company offers a quicker, two-player version called Trails that’s equally as entertaining! Grab either—or both—for the outdoorsy board game fan in your life.


Posted Nov 29, 2022

Pine Cove

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